Message from John the Baptist


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


photo credit: Andrea Percht


So that all doubt can leave

Beloved humans,

Continue the path of light and of love unflinchingly. Nowadays you are driven into insecurity and doubt in many different ways.

Is the shift of the earth really happening, and will humanity come to its senses? Is ascension just a concept or will it actually take place?

While many things seem to stay the same and people’s patience is put to a test, many lose confidence and turn away from their faith in the Golden Age. They forget their own missions and get lost in the course of this time.

It is the end time that has been spoken of time and again. It is the end of a time which no one who has invited higher energy fields into their system is really going to miss.

So, expect shifts in human society and changes in all human systems. But be aware that successful results will show gradually. Before a building can collapse, beams and pillars that were holding them up need to be broken down. In order to avoid further drama and traumata, this is happening at a speed that is appropriate for you. At the end of time, events that lead to the dissolution of the system will be logical and comprehensible for a large group of people.

Shift without experiencing shock

Today humanity is being prepared for the shift in a way that is intended to preclude certain experiences of shock.

It is the goal of the spiritual realms of light to guide you through the process, so that as many human beings as possible can glide into the new levels of being with joy.

Even if many things need to be swept away before the New can be established, it is essential to avoid further trauma. It is necessary to be spiritually, mentally and emotionally prepared for this storm.

Because when the earth shifts and no stone is left unturned, it not only takes strong nerves but also the certainty that God’s grace is at work and God’s protection is omnipresent.

Arising fears caused by many prophecies are unfounded – the only thing well-founded is your faith in God. Deepen it during these days of preparation, until nothing can throw you or get you off track.

Being close to God changes reality

As long as you can be rattled, or hold doubt in your heart, one thing is certain: you need to work on yourself until this is resolved and you and God build a unity that can’t be dissolved, by nothing and no one.

All individual efforts should be directed towards rising up into absolute faith in God. This is the first step of ascension. After that you will climb the stairs to the door of light fast as the wind.

Beloved human,

Stay clear of false prophets who stoke fears of future. Co-determine your own future and the future of this earth. By opening yourself fully to God you create a new reality.

The divine, superior and beautiful, happiness, love and perfection all arise from your nearness to God. This is your birthright by nature and by God – and that is all that matters now.


Walk the path of love and light and reach your perfection in God.


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