Lichtweltverlag – Mission

„The freedom of the press should not be a charter for the corrupter of youthful minds. Also it was not thought of to confuse people and upset them, by overloading the minds of people with chauvinistic propaganda, prejudices and discrimination. The power of the Light should emanate from a free press and it should be filled and exalted by a righteous feeling of cosmic destination.“ (Ascended Master St. Germain)

By the order from All-that-Is the Lichtwelt Verlag was founded on June 20th, 2009. The path is clearly and precisely determined: To bring light filled books and writings to human Beings, literature, that is penetrated by the vibration of love. It is the intention of the publisher and the assignment from the spiritual realms, through the founding of the publishing house, to anchor the reality of light on earth and lastingly establish the power of love. So that human Beings may shed their fears from past times, which still continue to have an effect. The initial paragraph expresses, what the program is, the assignment and the duty of the publisher. And what is true for the press applies even more for books and writings, which are published by us. Human Beings long for freedom, peace, joy and love and want information that is clear and based on a foundation of truth. Our work shall be an open door for this desire, a support for this need and may do justice to this fact.