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According to the guidelines provided by the postal service, shipments within Austria take usually 1-2 working days, within EU countries 3-5 working days. Saturdays and Sundays do not count as working days. Usually the shipping service works very well, however small delays cannot be excluded. In case you did not receive your delivery 7 days later, please contact us. Please note that your order will be sent out immediately after receipt of your payment. Therefore, please check whether your payment has actually been executed by your payment provider, thank you.Most of the naturally grown crystals contain opacities, “cracks” or “jumps”. In case there are cracks formed during the crystallization process caused for instance by tectonic changes, liquids can penetrate into these cracks. This way other crystals, dendrites, etc. can be deposited there. Over time these cracks are being healed, therefore these foreign particles (or gas or fluids) are encapsulated.
In summary, the following applies:
We don´t want to and are not supposed to offer “crystal clear” mountain crystals (this happens only very exceptionally). We offer the kind of quality of crystals that was clearly recommended by the spiritual world and our stone merchant was very pleased with this choice as well. Even for professionals it is very difficult to distinguish a flawless mountain crystal from a synthetic one. Therefore, inclusions, opacities, etc. are very welcome. They ensure that we deal with real naturally grown mountain crystals, so each crystal is unique. In case you are unable to emotionally engage with your crystal, please let us know, exchange is possible.


Small spalls are inevitable during the cutting and engraving of crystals to the thickness of 0.5 cm and 2 cm. To sort out these crystals would lead to a very, very high waste, which neither we nor our spiritual guides consider appropriate. The effect of the crystal is not adversely affected by these small “imperfections“. In case your crystal has major deficiencies, please let us know, an exchange is possible.

It is always happening what may happen and should happen!
Work with the symbols and crystals whenever you can and want and put any imagination of what should happen into God’s hands. You are representing the change! The symbols and crystals support you hereby.Registration is not required, there are always seats available.We apologize, but we cannot help you in this matter, we do not have this kind of information.The following accommodations have been rated positively by visitors of light readings:

HOTEL & PALAIS STRUDLHOF, Pasteurgasse 1, 1090 Wien, Tel: +43 (0)1 319 2522

ROSA LINDE, Lindengasse 43/13-14, 1070 Wien, Tel: +43 (664) 4602023

HOTEL AM BRILLANTENGRUND, Bandgasse 4, 1070 Wien, Tel: +43 (0)1 52 33 662

MOTEL ONE, Gerhard-Bronner-Straße 11, 1100 Wien, Tel: +43 (0)1 602000-0

WESTEND CITY HOSTEL, Fügergasse 3, 1060 Wien, Tel +43 (0)1 597 67 29

SEVEN ROOMS, Zieglergasse 52, 1070 Wien, Tel: +43 (0)1 526 11 08Thank you very much for your interest and for your trust, however we do not answer any questions to given texts, messages or books. Jahn’s order is to hand these messages over to our readers without comments. We know that also you can obtain all the answers from the eternal source of all life and you will do so if you are persistent enough in trying. Thank you for your understanding.

No, as it does not correspond to the orders given to Jahn.Yes, however you have to follow our copyright rules. Our copyright rules:
© The Copyright of these texts is with Jahn J Kassl. It is expressively allowed to copy these texts in whole, unabridged and with citation in any form without further enquiry. A quotation without the pointer to the whole text is not allowed. Any commercial utilization of these pages is forbidden and requires the explicit authorization of the author. You find all »messages from All-That-Is« under: you for your interest and your confidence. We can take this into consideration after expanding the offers in our web shop. We will then gladly get back to you.Unreasonable expectations of salvation cherishes someone who thinks that heaven will be opened to him or he would “ascend” without his own contributions to the transformation process. In case of physical ailments, the inadequacy may be shown in such a way that the cure is demanded by God instead of being asked for. The key is: Indulge yourself into God’s grace in all respects – desireless and without expectations, because God knows what is good and necessary for you. The proof to be worth God’s grace means to trust completely in God.To bring light to the earth and to the people means to be love and to respond to everything with love!SUREIJA OM ISTHAR OM:
SU = the seal
REI = of the Almighty
JA = for eternity
OM = the One God, in vibration, in any shape or without form
ISTHAR = given to human sons and daughters, in eternity
OM = the One God, in vibration, in any shape or without form
So it is.

Jahn J Kassl, born in 1965, serves as a channel for spiritual light realms of All-that-Is, after his direct spiritual access was opened in 2005. Since then, almost on a daily basis, messages are being transmitted to him. In 2009 the author was asked to form the Lichtweltverlag, so that the messages can find a wider distribution. Besides the many publications (printed books, ebooks), it is foremost the daily publications in the blog, which contribute to a growing number of readers. Since the formation of the company, every month »light readings« take place. These are public events, where messages are being transmitted »live« to the author. This enables individuals to directly participate in the light filled reality of the heaven and watch the author personally during his work. As »God’s scribe« his most important task is to pass on the transmitted messages accurately, clearly and without comments. Jahn J Kassl is a way shower, in order to accompany individuals on the way into the Light and to assist them during the transformation into the new reality of being. The author lives in Vienna, Austria, since 1983. (Official biography)
It is not intended to provide more details about the life of the author.

The core of our work is the passing and spreading of spiritual messages. We are aware that not every message may encounter the equal interest or consent of all people, as there are many paths and messages that lead people to God. Please avoid any reviews, judgements or convictions, in case a message does not seem to be for you appropriate. What is helpful for one person might be a burden for somebody else – and vice versa. Please accept what feels right, good and appropriate for you and, but most of all, integrate the high vibration that is provided through the messages, during the light readings and by our light-world-portal overall.