The divine Light and the Masters from All-that-Is are among us. During the “light readings” you may experience this and the healing energies of our spiritual companions from the light, our family from beyond the visible, will be made accessible to all human Beings who want to participate – healing occurs! The spiritual world works on and with human energies, gives healing and in each Being affects what is allowed and what is possible. Angels, Masters and our companions from beyond the veil fill the room and are among us. Meanwhile the actual message from All-that-Is is transmitted to JJK. The message flows through, and the Light brings clarity, understanding and love to human Beings, who now wish to experience the closeness with their origin. This transmission is in written form and afterwards is read to human Beings, who are present. Some time later and by request, the message is also sent per email or by post to individuals who experienced this evening.

Before the message is read, the “anchoring of the pillar of light” is read. Each individual in the room has the opportunity to ask, in silence, for healing for himself or for a fellow human Being. All of what is possible will be given, all of what is ready for healing, will be healed – God’s Light works! We spend this time in silence, in the care of our soul and in the consciousness, that HE is among us and with Him many other light Beings, who carry us, strengthen us, support us, and remind us of our origin. This usually lasts for a few minutes.

After the reading of all the messages, the ones received prior to the light reading, but related to the reading, and the one transmitted during the light reading, individuals in attendance have the opportunity to briefly talk to the recipient of the messages; or have one of the books signed.

This is a reading of a different kind, a gathering with the light worlds beyond the veil – an encounter with our family from All-that-Is. It is an evening of healing and of the Light, the Love and God’s Grace.