Message from Maha Choan


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


photo credit: Andrea Percht


I am the acting MAHA CHOAN,

and I am right here amongst you!

Beloved brothers and sisters of light who have stepped from God into this world and were sent to this earth by God.

Life after life you strive for experiences and thirst for knowledge. Understanding the deeper meaning of your life and realizing your individual tasks are at the core of all your endeavors.

You have walked paths that were good and some that were not so good, some appropriate and some inappropriate ones, some full and some deprived of light. Today you have reached a point where you, as humanity, would like to present yourselves in the brightest light. In doing so, you are confronted with huge challenges on a daily basis, because there are forces that counteract your shining intentions – and these forces need to be overcome or defeated.

Despondency and powerlessness

What I am describing here are the forces of inner despondency and of outer powerlessness. These energies correlate with each other, and so it is time to pass them over into the light of MAHA CHOAN, who I am.

For you to be able to stay centered, or to become centered, it is necessary to meet all phenomena of this time and all people of this earth that are lacking light with a compassion and mercy – however, in a way that never pulls you into their drama, causing you to lose your step and your inner peace.

No matter the spectacle happening around you, you always need to stay true to yourself and stay centered.

Now is the time that mature souls continue to mature until they reach completion, while young souls follow the drama with amazement or succumb to it.

The turquoise-white-golden flame

During all of this I am by your side. With my turquoise-white-golden flame I sharpen your ability to distinguish, so that you can tell real from fake.

Your inner despondency at the face of the current state of the world and of humanity can and shall recede now – and be replaced by the joy of your BEING and your SUCHNESS.

Once your life is enriched with joy, your perception changes and courage follows automatically.

Dependency and powerlessness are always the result of too little consciousness. Once you are aware of who and what you are, there’s no more room for them in your life any more.

That is where the journey goes that I want to take you on. In the process you experience yourself as who you really are, not as who you were indoctrinated to be.

Change what you can!

Tremendous shifts are about to happen, and for that each individual needs to fully embrace their power.

Never complain about the state of things in this world, but take your life into your own hands and change what you can change today – and I tell you: anyone can change their entire environment as soon as they have shifted and changed themselves.

This is not a secret anymore, and yet there are still only very few of you who dare to face themselves – with their own light and their own power. Be prepared to dissolve old preconceptions and opinions, erroneous dogmas and blockades. This is the time of unique opportunities. So I hereby invite you:

Dedicate yourself to your enlightenment,
so that the entire world becomes light and bright.

I am right there amongst you, I am the acting


I am living as a human amongst humans– I was reborn. The world of light is my home – and this home is here with humanity and in this world.

Ascension is in full swing. Some are tortured by doubt or robbed of hope, others are full of confidence and enjoy God’s visible doings here on this earth.

Which are you?



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→ You are responsible for your own life – MAHA CHOAN



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