Lichtweltverlag – Code of Conduct

Be clear in your speech.

Be courageous and express what others do not dare.

Do not accept any lie, even if it seems necessary.

Give highest priority to your feelings, your intuition and act accordingly.

Pay attention to your actions. Be self-conscious, large-hearted and empathetic. But never let yourself be put in front of the cart by anybody.

Remain true to your path, to affect light filled, loving and exalting things for mankind.

Treat your “enemies” with love. Love them and let them go from your life.

Be instruments in the hands of the Creator.

Be conscious that you are in HIS hands.

Be friendly, kind and understanding to those who care little for you.

Always answer with love, any other answer is not allowed.

Talk about what you do without shame or false modesty.

Accompany humans into the light, but do not take on their burdens.

Entrust all human Beings you have something to do with, even if some of them may feel overburdened by it.

Your trust cannot be misused, because it is a gift that expects nothing, but affects all if it falls on fertile ground.

Be careful in everything you do.