Message from Sai Baba

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Do you have to adapt to survive?

Where there’s a lack of mercifulness, strife continues to exist, and where there’s no forgiveness, acts of violence are predominant.

Beloved humans,

Living in a brutal and reckless environment is demanding the utmost of you. Therefore many people believe that they need to adapt to their environment in certain areas. In order to survive in this world, so they erroneously believe, one has to adjust to the environment and adopt certain modes of thinking and behavior.

Far from it, beloved human!

It is necessary now to confront this world with an alternative concept of living. Bringing love to where there’s hate, being generous in the face of envy, developing genuine joy where there’s jealousy, and practicing forgiveness whenever revenge is in play. That’s what it is about today.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Living the alternative concept

Change in this world and the destruction of inhumane societal systems happen from the inside out. Therefore you need to work on your own inner opinions first. Replace all conditioned thinking that keeps you in the dark matrix. Meaning: question everything that appeals to your low nature and evokes low emotions.

This matrix is an expert in fuelling threats and fears until even the most peaceful warrior reaches for his sword and goes into battle. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t defend yourself or stand up for your cause, but that you first and foremost need to end the fight you are still fighting against yourself.

This inner fight against yourself is fought by anyone whose frequency is out of tune with the harmonic oneness in some aspects of life.

People who carry inner conflict vibrate with a disharmonic frequency. These conflicts need to be looked at and resolved in order to restore harmony within you.

For that it is necessary that you become aware of the roots of these inner conflicts. And for that it is necessary to keep a clear mind, a clear view and a clear focus.

This in turn can be achieved through meditation and light work. For some it is necessary to begin with psychological sessions to uncover the first layers of their spirituality. For some, turning to a true master is the way, and for others the direct connection with God is the key to healing.

Are your hands empty?

There are many ways, and it’s high time you choose one. Many just wait, and their wait is in vain; because heaven can only give to you when your hands are empty. It is your responsibility to make sure of that – nobody can do it for you.

So don’t be surprised that as long as you accept your own inner conflicts, the world will present an unacceptable mirror to you.

Let go of your inner blockades. Rid yourself of opinions and concepts. Put your life in the hands of God and open your hearts for all healing.

Be ready to unconditionally accept everything and let go of everything – then you comprehend, and then you are worthy of enlightenment.

Don’t despair in this world – disconnect from everything that causes desperation and internally ties you to this matrix.

This is yet another key to liberation, and this key lies within you.

Rise and live what you are – in this or in another world. You are pure light, pure being and unconditional love.




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