Message from Master Mary

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Achieving mastery – of what?

Mold yourself into the master of your base motivations and achieve mastery of your primitive instincts! Achieving mastery of oneself means exactly that.

Beloved humans,


Today we want to address your divine nature, your divine essence, and look at how you can best live on earth with full awareness of your divinity.

Truth of the matter is that you need to closely examine your motives for doing whatever you do. Without this honest self-reflection you cannot master the steps of ascension, and your path into the light comes to a stop. This standstill needs to be avoided and counteracted by making the necessary efforts to gain awareness. What this means for your spiritual practice:

Sort out motives and instincts

1.) Clear all impure intentions. Get to the bottom of the motives behind all your actions. Give neither any importance to your deeds nor to the image others may have of you. If you find that ignoble and dishonorable motives still lie dormant in you, dissolve them in God’s light.

2.) Afterwards, get a sense of your “instincts”, meaning: actions you take based on your gut. Are there still active programs in your “gut” that evoke jealousy, envy or even hatred? Get to the bottom of all remaining emotional conditioning and release it if and whenever it occurs.

Today the issue for all warriors of light  – who are striving for enlightenment but haven’t attained it yet – is to bring all unacknowledged issues to light: to look at, accept and release them.

This is the path to mastery. It is the path that every human being who is striving for ascension to God and wanting to find their true Self will embark upon one day. For you, who has been guided to this message, this day may have came today.

Drop all that you represent for yourself and others, look at yourself with all your weaknesses and unacknowledged fears. Look at your nakedness, so that you can receive from the hands of God the radiant vesture of your reality.

God is with us, God is with you. In His Light the new human being is born – free and pure, light and sublime, good and noble – in honor of creation and to the joy of the creator.

With endless love




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