Conversation with Sananda

Every person who does lightwork at a certain level needs to dive deep into their own issues on a regular basis. Keeping your own vessel pure and cleaning it as needed is the key to keeping the energy flowing through you. Every trainer also needs a trainer themselves.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
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You come first!

27 December 2022


JJK: Yesterday Christmas blues and today world-weariness – what’s wrong with me? I feel like I’m in a hole …

SANANDA: Restructuring of your cells – old burdens and fears come to the surface and they are flushed out.

JJK: I had a beautiful dream where someone showed me how to tap the heart with my index and middle fingers and everything healed in an instant….

I have already done it, but so far without success …

SANANDA: Time – it takes time.

JJK: Suddenly there were fears of growing old – and of no longer being physically fit. Such fears usually never haunt me …

SANANDA: Fears go, deep-seated fears, disappointments and powerlessness – everything comes up now and leaves your system. This takes time.

JJK: How much time?

SANANDA: How much do you want release?

JJK: Everything, if I can stand it …

SANANDA: It happens in stages. Today in the evening you already feel better, tomorrow it subsides and the day after tomorrow you are again in your full strength. After that, there will be a break. Your spiritual team will continue to work while you sleep until everything that is causing this world pain is history.

JJK: I’ve slept a lot and still feel like I’m beat! This is also something that occurs very rarely with me …

SANANDA: Many Warriors of the Light and Light Workers pay too little attention to themselves.

Breaks and rest

They override the signals of the body or the psyche and they exhaust themselves to the point of collapse. This is never a good way. It is good if you recognize the signs that invite you to pause and respond to them.

Breaks and rest are essential for the success of projects and for the fulfillment of assignments. Take care of it! Love yourself by taking time for yourself.

JJK: I had 3 days for myself after the light reading, now it’s my family’s turn. I’m already looking forward to it – and then I’m so depleted?

SANANDA: Even your work, as fulfilling as it is, does not mean that you have time for yourself. It is a constant giving! Always be aware of that.

Even if you sit in your room and write when you are all alone, you give people strength, support and energy even in this situation. You can’t always replenish your batteries to the same extent.

Especially when your own processes are activated, this is impossible. You give not only with light readings, but with every day that you continue your work – energetic heavy labor in the continuous mode. Become aware of this! No one misses out when you take breaks.

My family

JJK: But my family – often I think to myself that I should have had more time for Noah or should have supported Nadja more…

SANANDA: You give what you can give, and I tell you – it is abundant. Your presence is always felt by Noah and by your family, even when you are not present. You are a wonderful team.

Nadja gives herself away just as you give yourself away, each in his sphere of action – and again and again you both need breaks.

The family field is nourished, held and strengthened by the two of you. It is a rare happiness for children when two mature souls have their backs and cradle them in love.

JJK: That’s nice – and reassuring. Thank you.

Own death

JJK: I often have thoughts of my own death at the moment. In purely mathematical terms, I am in the last third or quarter of my life. My best friend returned to the light 3 months ago at the age of 76 – so I would have about 20 years left. I suddenly become very aware of this finiteness …

SANANDA: Everything is coming up now, these thoughts are part of what needs to be looked at now so you can get to the next step.

You are diving very deeply into the human emotions associated with death – hence your mood. It’s a process and it passes. After that, everything becomes much easier. Your condition stabilizes. It is an open energetic wound that is being taken care of now, it takes time.

JJK: That’s exciting for me. During the light reading I give people everything, I’m charged up and full of power – and days afterwards I could use a Jahn myself.

Trainers need trainers too

SANANDA: Every person who does lightwork at a certain level needs to dive deep into their own issues on a regular basis. Keeping your own vessel pure and cleaning it as needed is the key to keeping the energy flowing through you. Every trainer also needs a trainer themselves.

Do not worry! This training of your consciousness is followed by breaks. It happens!

To all the people who have followed these lines and who are facing similar situations, is said:

Pay attention to your own needs! Recognize the time for rest! Take breaks! Stop for a moment! Energetic processes need time and space.

The world and people will have to wait when you prepare yourself to give to the world and people.

The message is: YOU come first!

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