Conversation with Sananda

The miracle of this time is that many things can simply go by themselves, that is, you only need to perceive it once again, look at it – and it dissolves. Lengthy transformation processes are a rarity today.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
  German original:
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Christmas blues

26 December 2022

Year after year

JJK: Christmas Blues! I am depressed! Today I realized that every year at Christmas I get slightly depressed. After the wonderful light reading has faded out, every year a heaviness settles over my soul – a shadow. Just when the festival of light is celebrated, my mood dims. I did some research and discovered that Christmas was always the most horrible time in my childhood. Old images came up in me: first, the dense atmosphere in the cramped kitchen on Christmas Eve. The strict, loveless presence of the father was diametrically opposed to the “Christmas idyll” staged by mother and was unbearable for me. The fact that we children were afraid of the father, because he beat us again and again over the year, eluded our mother completely, especially that evening! From 27.12. then the relatives and the many people who came to our farm for the annual slaughter to cover the year’s need of meat, for us, for our relatives and acquaintances. For this, every year several pigs had to give their lives and, as usual on the farm, everyone helped. For days our stable swam in the blood of the killed pigs. We boys were responsible for cleaning the stables or, with the older women, for washing the intestines, peeling garlic and work that came up. Then there were the church duties such as singing in the choir, carol singing, altar serving or playing the organ, these things also gave me joy, but rather meant a good escape from home. All in all, Christmas was always a horror from the age of 6 until about the age of 16 (after that I opted out!). I was glad to go back to boarding school after the holidays. The first few years there were hardly any better, but from the upper level onwards I was able to develop well there. These inner images rose before me today, more clearly than they had in a long time. Is that what dims my mood at Christmas EVERY YEAR?

SANANDA: Deep wounds can heal and they heal by becoming conscious again.

Now is the time when you can allow this to happen in its entirety. The curse of your childhood is healed! Hardly any adult in your environment knew that children have their own living needs and must not be abused for their own affairs.

JJK: Why did I have to experience such an unpleasant childhood, especially between the ages of ten and sixteen?

SANANDA: Father and mother were determined and chosen by you prenatally. Over the years, your mother lost her bearings and so, instead of being a support to you, she was the stated threat and danger. Father was caught up in his own traumatic history in daily life. The struggle for existence determined his life, there was no time to look – later the willingness was missing. This incarnation of yours certainly had risks.

JJK: Why wasn’t I born into a family that had more harmony?

Redeeming the line of ancestors

SANANDA: You and your brother Karl were born into this together so that you could redeem and heal the whole line of ancestors for yourselves and those who are ready for it. Which will result in you never having to be or being born into a family with such entanglements again. This field is behind you now.

The potentials of healing were the reason for this bringing together of people who met again and again in different lives and were intertwined in one way or another. These entanglements are redeemed with this life, and by placing your own history in the light.

JJK: We’re not having this conversation just for me.

What can people do who suffer from similar symptoms at Christmas or who simply feel like they are in the wrong place because of certain “traditions” and expectations?

The right questions

SANANDA: Figuring out why that is and doing what is necessary – ask yourself the right questions:

• Are you detached or do you function at the will of those around you?

• Is what you experience at Christmas wanted and desired by you in this way?

• Do you feel comfortable? Is it nice the way it is?

• Have you already emancipated yourself from the expectations of your parents and distanced yourself from the ideas of your relatives?

• When something feels bad and wrong, what do you do! Do you overhear your inner voice and override your feelings? Or do you say HALT and STOP?

• Do you have the courage to really dig in, are you ready for radical change?

What happens to you at Christmas and why? That is the question.

Once you’ve taken this inventory, you’re ready to act. The most important tools are:

the prayer, the meditation and the transformation work.

It is a process that needs attention and determination depending on the degree of trauma.

If the will to clarify is present, healing follows on its heels. It takes time to immerse oneself in one’s history and then to emerge again – time.

JJK: Today we have the 26.12.2022. I have read many previews for the coming year and received myself a wonderful message from BABAJI for 2023. Somehow, I feel that something is in the air – and yet I cannot name it …

What’s in the air?

SANANDA: The earth is in continuous reconstruction. On the energetic plane are no breaks for it. This also concerns the people – they are played without interruption with the new light-filled vibration from being!

This is necessary because you are surrounded by a lot of vibrational fields that have a negative effect on human beings.

This clearing takes place continuously and at the same time you are supplied with uplifting energy that strengthens your nervous and energy system. This causes very old issues to come up.

It brings everything to light and that creates this restlessness in people. No sooner have they redeemed and healed one issue than the next problem areas appear …

This creates a certain restlessness and can also lead to frustration, as the end does not seem to be in sight …

You can best overcome these phases if you remain calm and simply observe this. Go on according to your own strength and let it happen, the balls will be played to you. Accept them and make the best of them! Then you will have achieved a lot. The miracle of this time is that many things can simply go by themselves, that is, you only need to perceive it once again, look at it – and it dissolves. Lengthy transformation processes are a rarity today.

Everything goes quickly!

It goes quickly if the person is willing to let everything come up and look at it. This situation is unbearable only for those people who negate this, who do not want to deal with themselves. These people stick to controlling and lamenting.

He who wages war against the reflections of life instead of using them for his own growth, and to whom the obvious cannot reveal itself, misfortune follows like a shadow. For the one who avoids the truth, the light cannot serve.

JJK: I notice with me, when I’m physically battered, how my energy goes down, that really drags me down …

I am always very well centered, but when I have something physically, I lose the center. What should I do?

SANANDA: Continue working on keeping yourself centered – it is a process.

JJK: I also become aware of my transience.

SANANDA: Most people don’t realize the finite nature of life until near the end.

Being aware of finitude throughout one’s life raises questions about infinity – and that relaxes and eases everything.

JJK: I already feel relieved now and I am positive again. That’s the result of this conversation and your light. Will that last?

SANANDA: You are stepping out of the tunnel into the light very soon.

The Christmas season will soon have no more power over you. The pain of the first years is dissolved deep inside you – everything heals.

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