Message from Lao Tse

Nourish your soul so that it bursts with love.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Nourish your soul

Nourish your soul so that it bursts with love.


The greatest power in the universe is love. How can you access this power? By incessantly making an effort to reach God, and through unlimited devotion. Let your mind think, observe surging emotions, and accept the fact that you are living in unstable times. Accept all of that, and by doing so gain inner stillness and keep pursuing your only goal: to reach God!

Life after life we descend in order to get closer to that goal. Today you can reach this goal, current circumstances are enabling this.

The divine light is flowing to earth, the incessant stream of love is waiting to be absorbed by you.

How can you bring this about? How is it possible to absorb divine light and to become love?

By living a truthful life, and by your inner readiness to never cease your search for God.

Your yearning is the force field for this path and creates the energy for your safe travel and certain arrival.

First the yearning for God arises, and is then added by the will to find God.

By giving yourself over to life, until you get tired, until you are no longer fascinated by appearances, you walk towards the yearning. This is the sunrise of awareness and the birth of yearning.

Human beings are God’s creation, beings of light and love, pulsating powerhouses of life, languishing a restricted existence defined by self-limitations.

Awaken now, the time has come, see the light of life! Return home, return to God, by living what is still be lived and experiencing what is still be experienced.

The yearning comes when all else has left you.



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