Message from Sananda

This planet is being exploited by forces that reside here as guests and whose presence is temporary.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Planet earth is the home of humanity

Beings of various origins and from various regions of this galaxy currently inhabit this earth – a planet that is the home of humanity.


Beloved humans,

This fact is at the root of current events and upheavals. Because these beings, even though they act like human beings and appear to be human, don’t belong in this world – and yet they are omnipresent.

These individual and collective souls were allowed to live a life on this earth at this time so that they can be part of the process of elevation. At the same time these forces contribute to the awakening of human beings. Because the more unbearable the situation becomes to the individual who is rooted in this earth, the more readily that individual opens up to the light.

More and more people who have started, act out or wish to end an entire cycle of incarnations on this earth, are now being reminded of their origin because of the current situation here on earth. Because no human being, no matter which developmental phase that individual is in, is capable of such abuse of the earth and all life that he was entrusted with and took guardianship of.

So know this: This planet is being exploited by forces that reside here as guests and whose presence is temporary.

Their goal, however, is to shape a “human collective” that fits their purpose and to subdue it. This would mean that this earth is at the disposal of further populations from the infinite realm of Being for their destructive purposes until it is destroyed completely.

This will not happen, because the big clean-up and cleansing is in full process.

The earth will be returned to humanity.

Therefore view everything you are experiencing on this earth as the last battle that uncovers the dark forces and reveals their true ambitions.

Why can human beings be so evil?

You are wondering: “Why can human beings be so evil?”

I’ll give you the answer here and now: Because either they were taken over by the collective spirit of the dark forces, or they belong to non-human populations living a “life as guests” on earth.

Now the time has come to say goodbye for many of these destructive beings. They are banned from this planet on their own account or with the help of cosmic light forces.

In the future, human beings – to whom planet earth has been their home throughout many incarnations – will live amongst themselves peacefully. That way you can act out the experiences you wish for and complete your cycle of incarnation without interference.

A new and glorious time has begun – and even if the end is not foreseeable to many yet, it has arrived anyhow: the end for those who do harm to this earth and try to get humanity under their control.

Your contribution for a smooth transition

What can you contribute to a smooth transition?

Pay attention to your own frequency. Don’t let anybody bring you down to levels that are foreign to your human nature and harmful to your soul. Preserve your inner peace – let those fight wars who consider them a solution, but you yourself keep your distance from it.

Be present by living a counter-concept to this matrix – inside and out. Don’t give in to the collective but stay true to yourself. This keeps unwanted guests at bay and leads fellow human beings to you.

Don’t make a big fuss about what you think, feel and perceive. Know that you are the guardian of all that is alive on this planet, and dedicate yourself fully to this mission.

You don’t need to do anything other than live your life as a human being and live your missions as an individual. All else is taken care of.

I am amongst you.


→ Time for what’s essential – Lao Tse



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