Message from Archanel Haniel

Don’t be afraid! Because right now, when a carpet of fear was laid out all over mankind, liberation is closer than ever.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Don’t be afraid!

Beloved humans,

We are amongst you – archangels and ascended masters! We bring to you the light of God, because that is what is needed the most now.


In the name of all archangels and ascended masters,
I hereby convey this message to you: Don’t be afraid!

Don’t be afraid, because humanity’s path into the light is destined, and you are in the process of being prepared and attuned for it.

All events and occurrences that are about to take place these days will bring out the light that human beings are. Because the more the outer pressure increases, the more urgent it becomes for the individual to make a decision. Light or shadow, fear or love?

This decision is demanded of human beings now, and to an unimaginable extent humans are driven to turn around.

The lesson how to courageously face your fears, overcome them and successfully master them, has begun.

Don’t be afraid! Because right now, when a carpet of fear was laid out all over mankind, liberation is closer than ever.

The secret lies in the fact that through the pressure that is built up now, more people than ever feel the necessity to make profound changes in their lives.

Now mankind is venturing off to new horizons, and those are not the places the dark forces had intended for you.

The light becomes more and more prevalent, because your individual hearts, spirits and souls are touched by it.

Be prepared for great miracles, and observe how you yourself and people around you shift in a positive way.

Most people, however, idly let this opportunity pass by – that’s for sure. But never focus on those who get dragged down by what’s happening, but always on those who are able to see the deeper meaning and the true opportunities of these changes.

What needs your attention now?

What you specifically need to pay attention to now:

1.) Watch what happens with an alert mind.
2.) Notice fears – notice your fears.
3.) Establish an inner connection with the light, the archangels and ascended masters.
4.) Conquer your fears with the light provided to you by heaven. Conquer your doubts with the love of your brothers and sisters of light who are acting from the invisible realms.
5.) Transform your fears into love, so that you can think clearly and make good decisions.
6.) Act with determination. That is to say: From a place of love, allow what feels right to you to happen. Do that and those around you will be amazed.
7.) You are an eternal divine being. Never fear impermanence, death or dying. Remove all fears related to that by consciously working with the divine light.

Return and perfection

Beloved human being,

The days, weeks and months that matter for your return and completion have begun. Don’t get lost in what’s outside, but dig deep inside into your innermost being, where you will find everything.

This fact only seems surreal until you have truly allowed yourself to engage in self-reflection.

Now that almost all of mankind is in mere trepidation, you can find within yourself courage, serenity and faith in God.

Now that the absence of God in those responsible for politics, economics, religion and culture, is brought before your eyes day after day, consciously choose the path that brings you closer to God.

Now that the time of the big shift has come, do your part and fulfill your missions. Be aware: no force in the universe can defeat a human being who has awakened!

And how do you awaken?

Through, with and in God!

Make God the priority in your life and you will be surrounded by marvels and marvelous people.

This time brings God back into human consciousness. The number of awakened humans is large enough to get to the new Age of Light. You are one of them – otherwise you wouldn’t be here.



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→ The process of planetary awakening has begun! – Master Kuthumi



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