Message from Master Kuthumi

The process of planetary awakening has begun, and the seemingly ever so dangerous corona virus is the kick-off.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Clearing and cleansing

Beloved humans,

things are falling into place on God’s earth. A new world is arising and mankind reborn. The process of clearing and cleansing is happening, and you are at the core of it.

Situations of crisis increase, commotion is foreseeable, and everything is aiming towards a profound change of life on earth. The necessity for the turnaround is becoming more obvious each day, building up an incredible dynamic. The old world is breaking down right in front of your eyes, and the new world is still invisible to most people. So, many of you don’t know what to make of the current events.

Realize that the new age will reveal itself to you as soon as everything that blocks the view has been removed.

The processes necessary for this are in full blast, inner and outer transformation is the imperative of time.

The pervasive divine frequency

This puts an enormous amount of transformational pressure on all human beings.  The source of all Being has begun to flood the earth and people’s hearts with a pervasive frequency of divine light. That way, people you would never have expected to, dive into the divine frequency of light and love, wisdom and clarity, compassion and devotion.

The process of planetary awakening has begun, and the seemingly ever so dangerous corona virus is the kick-off.

Now it all comes together, and each individual is taking steps towards enlightenment – or else, is returning into the realm of ignorance.

The earth, along with mankind, will resurrect and be reborn. This is the prelude to the final events. Now it is up to you to show your true colors, to accept the light, to actively work on feelings of fear – or, to let this opportunity pass you by. There is no in-between anymore, riding on two horses’ backs is impossible.

Make good use of the calm before the true storm

Turn inwards completely during this time. Use the calm before the true storm to get prepared for it internally.
A connection to God that is intact is the best and most beautiful way to deal with the upcoming days, weeks and months peacefully, with understanding and love.

Miracles will happen when you don’t know how to go on, you will be helped when there seems to be no way out, and the victory of light is certain – even if it seems hopeless to some people.

Dig deeper and deeper into the secret of your life – and you will find all answers inside of you.

I am with you.


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→ Which fight needs to be fought now? – God



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