Message from Archangel Metatron


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Why missions fail 

Love your responsibilities, and through that become one with your heavenly missions!


Every human being descends from heaven onto earth, from the ethereal world into the dense material world, with specific missions. Many of those missions fail because humans are unwilling to endure discomfort or to overcome difficulties.

It is a common notion that the divine can be attained easily and effortlessly; the flow of life should neither have twists and turns nor carry driftwood.

You are in the flow of life when you resonate with your missions, regardless of where they take you or how big the challenges are.

Focus on your responsibilities and not just on anything that comes to mind. Start loving what you came here to do, and not only what you enjoy doing anyway.

Shaping God’s field means stepping into the field when it needs farming, not only when it pleases you.

Where true joy originates

True joy arises when your life is no longer subject to your mood and when it becomes completely natural for you to view rain and sunshine as equally valuable and equally important to your work.

What needs to be done needs to be done, and what needs to be realized needs to be realized, at the very moment it comes up.

Today it is a widespread mistake to only do what you love. What’s right is learning to love what you need to do on this earth.

Then your life becomes one single prayer, and is a service to you and to the community. Because truly: The meaning of life consists in fulfilling one’s divine missions on earth. And you can only do so once you master your inner moods and emancipate from lower human conditionings.

Love your missions, and love the responsibilities that come with them. Anyone who lives that way is wise and experiences joy every single day.

Are you governed by your moods?

Observe in yourself how much you are influenced by your moods, moods that keep you from taking action. Observe your readiness to serve God and to serve yourself.

Recognize this, understand it and change it – if you don’t want to be the driftwood but the flow of life itself.

I am with you and I am lifting you up from the low-frequency energy fields of inertia.

As soon as you call me, I will start my work; as soon as you claim my light, your transformation – from becoming to being – will start.




→ With courage into the new age – MASTER KUTHUMI



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