Message from Master El Morya

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

You are ready for harvest.

Beloved humans,

this is the unchangeable truth – hear it again: you are ready for harvest.


But what shall be harvested? The real question is: Who? It is you who shall be harvested into higher dimensions of Being! And so each and everyone will ascend to a higher level of the third, forth or fifth dimension.

Put the image or fixation aside that “ascension” always means ascension into the 5th dimension.

There is a never-ending amount of levels in each dimension. What matters is that life after life you qualify yourself for a higher level.

This means, there are wonderful Earths in the 3rd dimension.

Earths where the balance between humans and nature has been restored. Earths without wars, where wolves and sheep drink from the same well.

The same is true for the timeless level of the 4th dimension. On levels with lower frequency, it often occurs that dark stories are fought over and worked out.

Higher levels offer pure joy and bliss. Only from the 5th dimension on, the complete divinity of a human being comes into effect. On this level, the unity with the source is experienced directly by all beings, and there are no more karmic relations or fates that need to be resolved. Only a small amount of people will ascend to this level.

So when we talk about ascension, it makes sense to develop proper understanding for what this means. This will free you from any “stress of ascension”, for I am telling you:

Each individual who leads a truthful and righteous life will ascend and find themselves in a lighter world. This refers to each one of you, because it is time for this harvest.

We are approaching the “critical mass”

In the second half of this message I announce to you that the great experience of awakening is imminent.
This describes the event of the awakening of the “critical mass” of human beings.

This earth was created by God in a single breath and will be restored into harmony by God in a single moment. In order for this event to manifest and be experienced, it takes the “critical mass” of awakened human beings. And I am telling you: We are approaching this number at high speed and with absolute divine certainty, because nobody can stop this awe-inspiring process!

This means for your life that you are called upon to keep training your spiritual muscles. This means putting all your energy into pursuing your own awakening.

You are invited to not waste any more time, but to use every minute and each opportunity for your perfection. You like counting months or years. Count the hours and minutes that you spend being active or indulging in idleness.

Develop spiritual hunger

Develop spiritual hunger for God and for awareness. Ignite your heart for God and do everything to get closer to God.

How much longer should God be waiting for you?

You say: “I have to work, I have to take care of this or that! I don’t have time for God now.” I say to you: Thinking that way is a true waste of time.

However, be assured that God waits for you for as long as you want, and until you leave behind what’s unimportant and turn towards that which is essential.

God’s love is the key for your ascension. Especially when you have chosen the whole and want to conclude your journeys on the levels of karma.

I invite you to increase your efforts for perfection, and while you do, don’t think in months but in hours. Then the “event of awakening” is not far but coming real close.

The Earth is in God’s care

Concluding, I reassure you: the earth and humanity are in God’s care!

And even though it often seems to you that it is otherwise – after a short period of tremendous shifts, peace will be restored and the divine will rule.

There will be stillness in this world, and humans will be human again, and this earth will be the paradise it once was. And many of you will live to see this time.

Make sure to prepare yourselves well for it! And you prepare well by already realizing this luminous future in your hearts today.

Everything lies in God’s hands. Put your life in his hands now as well!

I stand by you every minute.

I love you.



This is the message from the Light Reading on November 2nd, 2018 in Vienna. The message  of the Light Reading is communicated to and read by Jahn J Kassl in German language.





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