Message from Jesus Christ

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

This is the dawning of the great era of grace

And this means:

● God comes up with ways to reach human hearts that are still closed off.

● God gives every individual the possibility to return to themselves and to God.

● God makes possible what has so far been impossible.

This is why many people are experiencing surprising twists and turns, and many who had already given up on themselves will be picked up and strengthened by God. God leaves no one, not even those who have left themselves.

It now happens that miracles come true for those who never believed in miracles; it now occurs that people very unexpectedly find their way back. Therefore, beloved humans:

Never give up, and never give up on another person.

You don’t know about the agreements a person has made in the afterworld, and which terms a person has to fulfill on earth. But what you are supposed to know is that God’s work reaches everything and everyone, that God is omnipresent, and that God is working directly with all human beings and is immediately getting involved in their lives.

This unique time offers unique opportunities – and even though many people don’t grab them, there are many that are awakening who could never do so under different circumstances.

Therefore be patient, be understanding and compassionate with yourselves and with those who are just beginning their path and still carry heavy weights on their feet.

Taking off the chains

is difficult to do for many, because they can’t picture the freedom that comes after that –  trapped in the wheel of the matrix, freedom is just a fictional term. So it doesn’t come easy to give something up without getting something else in return.

And yet, these chains are bursting now for all humans, they are lifted from those who – on a deeper level – have agreed to it. Often they don’t know about this on the level of their everyday consciousness. This is why even those people who never believed in miracles may expect miracles now. That way God’s work on earth becomes visible and human beings can find their way back.

Slowly the last big cycle is completing and the divine order is restored. Slowly even those are progressing who were exhausted and overwhelmed by life – the load heavy as lead disappears; hearts are touched by divine love, and souls become open to the light.

This is the time that was revealed to you – the light is permeating the darkness, and there is no force in the universe that could stop that now.

New opportunities are opened up to those who have no knowledge about any of what has been said here.

I am the way, the love and the life.

I am one with God.






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