Message from Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Hone your apperception in all areas! Never walk through life blindly! Observe your surroundings with open eyes and face every situation in an alert, intuitive and attentive way.


Many people walk this world blindly. They neither perceive their surroundings nor their own behavior. “Meditators” who behave this way have not understood the nature of meditation. Because meditation does not mean turning your back to the world, it means facing the world and facing life.

Know this: Whoever moves on this earth unconsciously and blindly, attracts misfortune. Because misfortune always happens whenever a person has been ignoring facts until they catch up with them.

What is being said?

Meditation as a form of escape

Nowadays many warriors of light have a wrong perception of this matrix. Many who meditate are not capable of seeing facts or acknowledging what is. They see what is pleasant and they hear what seems tolerable. Meditation is seen as an escape rather than an entrance to this world. And this is a huge mistake. The safest place for many people, so it seems, is the meditation room.

This path shall be corrected now. I animate and encourage you to open yourself up to the truth on all levels. Before the “big event” can happen and in order for it to happen, you have to be ready to confront yourself with what is happening long before then.

For “D-Day” will require a high level of awareness. And this awareness is what you need to acquire now. Train “alertness” and practice being alert. This requires perceiving everything and looking at the events in this world.

And it is essential that every person assumes their place and their missions.

You long for the truth – create it within you. You desire a world without lies – end your own lies. And you pray for the healing of the earth – heal yourself first.

The beginning is made if you face the world the same way you need to face yourself. Connect inside and outside, high and low, and end darkness with your light. Formulate and define a new standard for your meditation.

Meditation ought to be the steppingstone into reality, every reality, and should never keep you from it.

That’s what this message is about.

Meditation as encounter with reality

In your future meditations you should not only open up for the “transcendent” but also for the earthly reality, the truth of this matrix.

As long as circumstances are denied, they continue to exist. As long as darkness is avoided, no light can replace it, and as long as inconvenient facts are ignored, change remains a distant dream for you.

Everyone will reap what they themselves have sowed. Only what you have recognized within yourself and released, only the awareness that you have achieved yourself, is ultimately the measure of all things.

You don’t need to stir up conflicts – recognize them. You don’t need to force a battle – consider it. You don’t need to speak up at every occasion – but be free to do so at all times.

Please walk through this world with more awareness, alertness and attentiveness. All of this serves your awakening and holistic consciousness.

Create “good” karma through expressing love for human beings by saying the right word and doing the right deed at the right time.

See what is and act as is necessary. Proceed! Face fear and overcome it. Only the courageous will be victorious. These days the world changes its face. Change the way you look at it and refine your perception until life is revealed to you the way it really is.  e ready! Call on me if you don’t know how to proceed or if you are unable to do so.

At the point where you have reached the end of your possibilities, that’s where I start my work.

Heaven and earth, god and human will be one. This is the only thing that matters in these times.




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