Message from Archangel Zadkiel

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Everything has its moment, and every event is embedded in a specific time quality. That’s why in this world every moment is unique and can never be repeated in the same way.


Beloved humans,

On the reel of life, events uncoil daily that need to be interpreted correctly and met with the adequate response. For that, clear perception is of great importance. Because moments that pass unused and unseen are often wasted opportunities.

Everything has its moment,

meaning that certain actions need to be taken and certain decisions need to be made in the very time frame created for it. Life presents you with events and hands them to you, and it’s up to each and every one of you to interpret these events appropriately and derive the right course of action from them.

Therefore it is inevitable that you eliminate all blockades that may obstruct your view of the big picture, and that’s why the spiritual world of light almost constantly points human beings to it.

Identifying opinions, releasing patterns, questioning belief systems and removing blockades – that’s the celestial mantra.

How many people receive wonderful job opportunities that they reject – or for how many of you fulfilling encounters are arranged that you run away from instead of experiencing them. Many move through life with insecurity, incapable of recognizing chances or seizing opportunities.

Those concerned need to realize this fact. It is necessary to leave this hesitant attitude behind and identify what it is that makes you insecure. Because an opportunity never appears twice in the same way, and any chance you missed remains lost and must be generated again under new circumstances.

So it happens that many incidents fail to occur, never to return, because in this world you can’t turn back time.

Even if life appears to be repetitive, no event is repeated the same way and no encounter happens the same way twice.

This means that for accomplishing your divine missions on earth, there are time frames or time lines in which certain events can manifest. If this very time quality is not seized, the reel of life goes on and what is past is irrevocably over.

Therefore seize opportunity, recognize the value of encounters, and open yourself fully to what life reflects back to you. Remove blockades, be prepared to let go, and only stick to one thing: the deep inner desire to fulfill your missions and to satisfy your yearning for god. For that it is necessary that you fully engage in life, and that you don’t shy away from reflections but welcome them.

With this message I encourage you to make good use of time; the best way to do that is to face all challenges, reconsider your concerns, and overcome your fear of decision-making.

A little more courage …

… can reveal new aspects of life to you, and a little more determination will lead you to new waters. Trust your inner guidance. Consider walking unpredictable paths, and be prepared to take some risk.

Life doesn’t offer assurances – and if that’s what you strive for by all means, you miss all coincidences resulting from courageous decisions.

What you are co-incidently presented with is full of surprises, unplanned, and for the most part fits wonderfully into your life. Don’t imagine your future, live it now. That is the message.

So sway gently in the wind, bending – not twisting – so you won’t break. Remain flexible, ready to absorb new things and open for daily inspirations. Embrace the unexpected and don’t reflexively push it away. Learning this requires profound self-reflection. What is blocking me and what am I afraid of?

No longer avoid these personal issues. How do you plan to escape from yourself? Wherever you go, you are taking yourself with you. Develop a deeper understanding for the urgency of your transformation, because freedom awaits you always on the other side of the fence.

It’s time that you no longer clip the wings of your limitless consciousness but allow it to take off and fly home.

A bit more courage to take risks, a bit more faith in god, and a bit more awareness of your own inner power, can change your life.

Internalize this as well: As a divine being you have all the time in the world, but as a human being all you have is a certain time span for a certain life. You need to make good use of this time frame by embracing and fulfilling your role in a specific time quality.

If you have internalized this, you have understood the Now, and the trees in your garden will grow high into the sky.

With endless love,






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