Notes to our readers

Messages in English are available, and we are relaunching our English Lichtwelt blog.



Valued readers, dear friends,

It is our great pleasure to announce that as of today we are reassuming the publication of messages in English at the Lichtwelt portal.

For a while now this has been a matter of importance to both my brother Karl, who is managing the Lichtwelt publishing house, and me who is responsible for content and blog entries. 

Now we are ready, and the first translation by crystalflow translations is on hand. The translations are „crystal clear“, and we are convinced that you will enjoy them very much.

Our first goal is to begin our relaunch by publishing a message and a pearl per week, starting with the message from god:
>>> The moment of truth is getting closer!

We are grateful for being able to do this work and for being surrounded by so many wonderful people.

With god’s blessing and love,

Jahn J Kassl          Karl Kassl

>>> English translation: Pearl of the week - BABAJI
>>> So if you appreciate the work we do, please support us. Thank you.

Our German and English blogs are run separately, since not all of the messages are translated into English. In order to guarantee the clarity of this website and the pure frequency of all entries, the LICHTWELT portal refrains from advertisement of any kind. We will continue to do so with deepest conviction.  Which is why we ask you, dear reader, for your support: With your donation you can ensure this service and the existence of the LICHTWELT publishing house.
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