Message from Sai Baba

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

Do everything with love.

Love your work or leave it! Do everything with love. Avoid loveless efforts and half-hearted activities.

Examine your work relations and the environment that you “operate” in. If you can honestly say that you love what you do, then consider yourself lucky and go on doing it. If you come to realize that you go about it without love, then change this situation.

How? By asking your spiritual guidance for two things:

  • to reveal to you the meaning behind your work environment or work that you do with little or no love, or
  • to release you from this employment and provide you with a task that you love.

Everything can be achieved, provided that you are ready and that the time has come. What is essential is your alert consciousness and your unrestricted view on everything that is.

Occupational inventory

Don’t paint rosy pictures or talk yourself into something, but take inventory of the ACTUAL STATE of your occupation. This entails that your life becomes truthful and that your work environment has to adjust to this truth.

js_150604_09054When you encounter difficulties, no matter in which aspects or areas, reveal them to your spiritual guides. Your spiritual guides only pursue one aim: to support you in everything that serves your divine purpose and to provide you with any assistance necessary for its implementation. Meaning: Do not react to unsatisfying life circumstances with self-pity, but instead turn directly to god.

These days many people are stuck in employments unworthy of a human being and detrimental to the human soul. Recognize this and manifest a new environment by declaring your desire, your purpose and your will to the Creator; then you wait for the day of change and liberation from an undesirable environment.

Paving the way for your happiness is up to you, only the day of grace is god’s craft.

Have faith and continue on your path of light, so you can love what you do and do what you love. The time of darkness is over. Now your purpose finds you. God grants you fulfillment already in this world.

For he who is ready will receive abundantly.

I love you


>>> German original: Die Weichen für dein Glück - SAI BABA
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