Message from God

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Dreams and illusion have ended, and life in god´s reality has begun.

I am GOD

Time is starting to unravel and days are getting shorter. The world is shifting and people are becoming more conscious. The veil is lifting distinctly, and life behind the visible world is revealed to you. Deep down inside you have been waiting for this for a very long time. Your souls have been longing for this moment of truth.

The moment of truth is getting closer and closer – and it reveals how everything in life is interconnected. It describes your unique place in god’s creation.

The moment of truth reveals their particular light to every human being.

Many will turn away and won’t trust their own eyes. They will consider the divine light to be an illusion, to the same extent that they perceive this matrix to be true.

Discerning truth and untruth

Only those who acquire the ability to discern good and evil before D-Day will be able to recognize the “moment of truth”. It is time that you acquire the capability to distinguish false prophets from truthful celestial revelations. It is time that you break free from the prison of illusion.

js_150604_08866This is why I invite you to take this essential step into your heart now! Turn inwards and start discerning truth and untruth. Take responsibility for your illusions and insights by resorting to your inner wisdom.

Your heart is capable of detecting all lies and discerning truth and untruth. Embark upon the journey to your self until you are receptive to the divine light and the voice of god.

The way to discerning truth and untruth is to lead a truthful life – on all levels and in all relationships. Start by facing your self. Don’t avoid facing your own patterns, expectations, standards, opinions or beliefs, but rather grant highest priority to your “self-concept”. Break free from the prison of self-deception. Then you have all the requirements to interpret external events appropriately. In all honesty, ask yourself: How do you handle your relationships? What are you looking for in a new partner, if you are looking for one, or what do you miss in the partner you are currently sharing your life with? What is being reflected at you? 

Do you have the tendency to want to change people?  Is it your nature to get along with everyone, and  is compromise your means of self-denial? Who are you without your job, your friends, your husband or wife?  What would be left of you if you lost everything or got stranded on a deserted island?

Can you live by yourself? Are you self-sufficient? Or do you need feedback to define yourself? What role does god play in your life?

Really get to the bottom of these questions, because the deepest of all deception is self-deception. And it is self-deception that needs to be overcome in all matters of life.

Now is the time to deeply look into yourself – without being overly sensitive or falsely considerate, but rather with courage and decisiveness, so that ultimately your subconscious can’t fool you anymore.

Join me during this process of realization! Be under my protection, step into my light. In my light the wonder of your transformation will happen, in my love all the injuries of past days will heal.

All will be brought about by my grace. Let it happen.

I have been waiting for you for eons.

I am GOD

>>> German original: Augenblick der Wahrheit rückt näher!
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