Conversation with Sananda

True suicide consists in denying your own divine nature and not in giving up your earthly body. It is a partial aspect in a time segment, a vehicle for experiences that are in this way unique in being. No one is born to return to the light early, but everyone will be received like a king if his soul has remained pure through all the pain.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
From the German original:

Self-murder and suicide

Free will?

JJK: “Everyone has free will – and that includes taking one’s own life.” This statement, which I made at the 125th Light Reading, shocked some readers. “Life is inviolable”, it is argued, and this is, after all, a license to commit suicide, especially if one has no negative consequences to fear afterwards. There is talk of a “fog” into which a soul plunges after suicide – and of a lesson that must be made up for. What is really the case? For me, a lot of religious images reverberate in people here. For some people, it is unthinkable that “suicide” is subject to a person’s free will. So, what is true?

SANANDA: Embraced and nestled in my love are you, beloved human! Do not worry! Never worry! Especially not when people leave this world without having waited for the call of God.

If people choose the other life and have not lived this life completely, then do not fall into mourning, but take confidence, because from the love of GOD everything is born and in the love of GOD everything is safe.

The motives

Every human being is free in his earthly decisions and actions. This describes the free will. Otherwise, the free will of a human being would not be worth mentioning. What happens, however, if a human being decides out of free will – although often in despair – to put an end to the life in the human body before the certain time? It always depends on the individual person! Generalizations lead astray and confuse instead of providing orientation.

There are high, mature souls who decide to return to the light before their time. The reasons for this are different, but they are similar in one respect:

The human being does not want to live with certain circumstances and burdens anymore! People who consciously prepare themselves for departure, who have been attached to their souls and selves all their lives, experience this transition just as consciously as they have lived. Even if they possibly could not fully complete certain aspects of their existence on earth:

Who dies consciously, lives on consciously in the light. Also, if certain tasks remained unfinished!

GOD does not evaluate! GOD receives each life in his grace. You may be aware of that and you should always be aware of that!

Even though no human being plans to end his or her life early before descending to earth, many people have this option marked in their alternative blueprints.

The “fog

JJK: Is there a “fog” in which these souls must then reside or through which these souls must pass?

SANANDA: Very many souls find themselves in a kind of “fog” after they return, having left their bodies. This is a stopover for the soul’s purification and clearing before its onward journey to its cosmic families.

People who were disoriented throughout their lives, who did not find a connection to their Self and who ignored the needs of the soul, get lost in different worlds of fog and are gradually reminded of the light that they are. This has nothing to do with the manner of death but has to do with the manner of life a person has lived.

JJK: I think to myself, many people die at 20 and are buried at 80.

Many people have no soul connection at all, they negate their divine self and deny their origin as spiritual beings. One can’t be more dead than that! They may even have visible economic success to show, but their life is flat and of no spiritual relevance.

“Suicide” in the new meaning

“Suicide” takes on a completely new meaning in this context. Namely that one can kill oneself although one is still alive. On the other hand, one can leave his body fully conscious and tied to the Self voluntarily.

Most recently, I saw a video of Sabine Mehne, a woman who struggled with a serious illness for a long time and who, after years of suffering, finally made a fully conscious decision to give up her body. During those years she gained tremendous spiritual wisdom. The interview was so full of light and love, as I could rarely perceive in a human being.

So, when does one really kill oneself? What is more harmful, to give up the body or to separate oneself from the self throughout one’s life? “Self-murder” at 20, to drag the body around until 80 and wait for the funeral? Which has what quality and what are the effects?

“Life is inviolable!”, it is said! Which life is spoken of here?

SANANDA: Spiritual masters look forward to their own death with excitement and joy. They know the place and the hour. Are these masters called away by GOD or are they themselves who make this choice? Here the will of GOD and the will of man go hand in hand. Where the separation between GOD and the human being is abolished, also no more separation exists in this question. If your will and the will of GOD are one, everything takes its natural and divine course.

This is, however, with the fewest people in such a way. How is it then?

The potentials

Before a human being incarnates, he plans his potentials, his learning experiences and the paths he wants to take for them. Much happens exactly on this blueprint designed in the afterlife, some things come differently. Because the earth is the planet of love and the star of free will. A premature end of a human life has the effect for most people that they want to enter again into this learning experience. There is a task to be mastered or karma to be balanced. This is always done in clarity, through the spiritual guidance of masters and in love. The mist awaits only those people who have great impurities, because they existed all their lives separated from their true nature, mind and soul. This disregard produces unfavorable consequences, and extensive purification work is needed in the hereafter to release the consciousness from the earthly fetters.

The actual tragedy

However, the actual tragedy of a human being is “suicide” throughout his life. The killing of the divine, the denial of one’s spirituality, and the discarding of spirit and soul.

People who, often in the best of health, do not give a toss about their spiritual well-being, have a different course of the return journey than people who lived connected to their higher self.

JJK: What happens to these people?

SANANDA: They, too, are accompanied through the mist and brought to their light until they can remember again – or do you think GOD forgets one of HIS children?

JJK: Do these people come into this lonely fog world from which it is difficult to get out, and which some “seers” spoke of?

SANANDA: These low vibrational etheric planes exist.

The intermediate world

There all souls are found who cross over disoriented, because they did not pay attention to their soul care all their life. This “fog” exists for every person who lived cut off from himself, who let his self die long before death, because he could not establish a connection with himself.

This intermediate world is an intermediate stage, and the soul stays there only as long as it is necessary. Life is inviolable – and remember: Everything is life, especially that which is hidden from your eyes.

JJK: Many years ago, when I was in my big life crisis for about 10 years, suicide was also a big topic for me. I really wanted to kill myself for the first time when I was 14, and then it was a recurring theme until I was 25. That was very concrete and much more than just a thought!

I know how much courage and strength this step requires and, on the other hand, how desperate a person must be to consider or even do this in the end.

So, what to do when someone is carried by this intention. Should you help him realize it or bring him back to life?

SANANDA: Every soul comes to the earth to create experiences and to pass the designed adventures successfully! There are projects to master, that is the meaning of a human life. The plan A of the blueprint provides that the human being then leaves the earthly existence, when the hour, which was measured prenatally for it, has come. This hour remains hidden to most humans due to own programming. There are hardly any people who want to know this hour in advance. However, whoever sets out to fathom this secret will fathom it.

However, every person designs several scenarios prenatally. That is why there is always a plan B, plan C or plan D.

This must be respected. Therefore, different death scenarios are possible and also probable.

Even though a human life is subject to the will of GOD there are again and again corrections and changes in the predetermined course, due to the free will of the human being.

Life is Plan A

JJK: So, you’re supposed to help the person find their way back into life as a human being?

SANANDA: What kept you on earth?

JJK: I had an inner drive, a will, and I really wanted to know what the meaning of my life was. Before that, I just didn’t want to give up? Then I also had people who gave me hope, courage and support.

SANANDA: This is how it happens that each person finds what he needs in order to correspond to one of his plans in the end. Do not worry: the plane of the fog does not enter the one who goes fully consciously from here to the light, but concerns those who unconsciously live a shallow life in self-alienation.

True suicide consists in denying your own divine nature and not in giving up your earthly body.

It is a partial aspect in a time segment, a vehicle for experiences that are in this way unique in being.

No one is born to return to the light early, but everyone will be received like a king if his soul has remained pure through all the pain.

Beloved are you and honored, for because you are ready for the answers, your questions lead you to realization.

In infinite love

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