Message from Archangel Johpiel

There is no world in the infinity of creation on which God would be absent.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
From the German original:

Love life!


Beloved humans,

things are rearranging, humanity is being realigned and the planet is being restored to its original vibration.

Now the events announced to you take their course, now the time of the change has come and wood is put behind the arrow.

Now it depends on every single person!

The world is changing its face and so are people being transformed and reshaped on a cellular level.

Deep within you, a transformation is taking place that surpasses anything you have ever known.

Renewed and equipped with all your powers, you will resurrect and give a new face to this earth as a newborn human being. This process is already underway, and day by day you will be brought closer to your true nature.

Many people are now experiencing illness, malaise, or are subject to great mood swings. Many of you attribute this to healing and that is correct as far as it goes. What is often overlooked is that these physical, psychological and energetic interventions also involve a realignment and reprogramming of your cellular structures. You are being returned in essence to the divine original state of the human being and that is why the healings – but sometimes also the pain through which people have to go for this – are so great and massive.

Hold out, remain faithful and trust in GOD in everything.

Do not let go of your light-filled activities and follow the trace of your soul unswervingly. Physical symptoms are part of healing, and you will heal on this world or on the other. For the healing of all that is in this world is the main concern of Heaven and the Light Beings that have accompanied humanity since the beginning of time.

Do not be deceived by the false prophets who are now coming on the scene – those who stir up fears, those who scatter uncertainty, those who feed your doubts instead of strengthening your trust.

Some say,

that even the light at the end of the tunnel, when you shed the physical shell, is an illusion and binds you to the cycle of death and rebirth. Some believe that when you die or in death you are left to your own devices and it is said, “Everything is an illusion!”

But I say to you: It is the illusion into which you have consented to enter.

It is a game in which you want to test yourself anew and experience yourself as a divine being. It means to live and die until you have experienced everything that needed to be experienced and rectified everything that needed to be rectified.

You are accompanied, supported and led by an immense crowd of light brothers and sisters and by God himself.

Far beyond a life you live incessantly in HIS GRACE. Also, this matrix is interwoven by God. The difference to lighter worlds consists only in the fact that the presence of God cannot always be perceived by human beings. This produces the imperfection and this keeps the wheel of karma running. I tell you:

There is no world in the infinity of creation on which God would be absent.

So, trust that in life and at the end of a life everything will turn out for the good, that you will pass the gate into the light and find your home again. No one is left alone or unsettled by new trials in the great hour of truth.

Nobody comes to harm, who gets involved with GOD and relies on GOD. Every human is in HIS CARE throughout his life and is in HIS CARE when the hour has come to glide over into the light.

Love life and everything it offers, and love the life after life, for unimaginable is what it holds ready for a human who has chosen GOD.

In unconditional love


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