Message from Babaji

Only unity will catapult you to the bright new earth and through unity you can now resist the attacks on your freedom. I say to you: You are tried and tested, you are on the right path – increase your efforts in this direction and give less importance to differences than to what unites and connects you in truth. Every lightful action is under my protection and every person who appears lightful is in my care. From now on, the future belongs to projects that shine brightly into the world – and the year 2024 will impressively demonstrate this to you.

photo credit: Andrea Percht (Text JJK)

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
  German original:
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What is coming in 2024?

Flight to freedom

Developments are taking their course swiftly, we are making rapid progress in the ascension process and mankind is rapidly unfolding its wings – for the great flight to freedom.


Eternal, infinite and omnipresent consciousness on all planes of being.

I am with you every day – nothing and no one is excluded from my love! Every life is touched by my light if it wants to experience this touch. Every life is in my care if it wishes to be in my care. Every life receives my companionship, in heaven as on earth, if it proves itself worthy of this companionship, as the heart is filled with longing for GOD.


Beloved human beings!

The year 2024 that is now unfolding before you takes the lightful impulses that you have set so far to a new level. What has been hinted at in the past 3 years, what has developed in your hearts in terms of a desire for freedom and spiritual longing, will now visibly take its place in this world. The number 8 has been reached and this means dynamism.

We are entering a new phase in the process of ascension. The unmistakable sign of this is that more and more people are becoming aware of their power and strength and that they will no longer allow themselves to be beaten down, belittled or played.

In the past 3 years, you have often turned the tide, often averted harm from yourselves and often paved the way for the lightful paths, even when it seemed hopeless.

You have persevered, stood up and shown those in power that without you there can be neither a state nor an intact society. You have proven that you are taking action, that you are making yourselves known and that you are no longer holding back your light.

You have grown into courageous, energetic and resilient Warriors of the Light and so the events that were predestined for you, but not always foretold, can now occur.

The year 2024

• The year 2024 is the year in which developments will become firmly established and the stakes that are set now will endure and the decisions that are made now will determine the future.

• The year 2024 is the year in which individual and collective decisions are solidified, with the consequences of these decisions manifesting themselves immediately.

• The year 2024 makes it clear which timeline a person has chosen and what determines their life from now on.

• For some, the year 2024 is full of positive developments and lightful wonders, while others despair about the world and see themselves close to the apocalypse.

The consequences of your choice!

As never before in human history, the separation of worlds is becoming visible in daily life. Sheltered by GOD and carried by providence or insecure and staring anxiously at the future – these are the consequences of your choice. To be able to open up to life, yourself and GOD or to remain closed off and continue to vegetate in hell, the hell of your own making – these are the consequences of your choice.

On a socio-political level, there will be serious changes in 2024.

The power of the old rulers continues to wane and reaches zero. Mankind is demanding solutions and it is no longer willing to represent the pawns on a chessboard.

This leads to panicked actions by the powers that have dominated the game so far, actions, and this has been repeatedly announced, that could trigger upheavals and tempt many people to speak of the end of the world. The old system is reaching the tipping point and much of what seemed built for eternity is being razed to the ground. It is being breathed in by GOD so that the LIGHTFUL NEW can emerge.

The plans to oppress mankind to an even greater extent, to monitor them even more and to control them in an unprecedented dimension are being fulfilled for those who choose this path, but not for those Warriors of the Light who stand up for their freedom and actively manifest the new lightful age. These two planes exist and are chosen by yourselves!

Unity preserves freedom

At this point, it is crucial that people unite now – that you resolve your differences and pull together.

Only unity will catapult you to the bright new earth and through unity you can now resist the attacks on your freedom.

I say to you: You are tried and tested, you are on the right path – increase your efforts in this direction and give less importance to differences than to what unites and connects you in truth.

Every lightful action is under my protection and every person who appears lightful is in my care.

From now on, the future belongs to projects that shine brightly into the world – and the year 2024 will impressively demonstrate this to you.

Do not tilt at windmills!

Do not ignore evil! Look at it unflinchingly and let it pass you by like a caravan! Stop responding to provocations, for there will be many of them, but rely on your own strength and power.

Do not tilt at windmills but use your skills where they are needed to create lightful things with your unique genius!

If you are attacked, learn your lessons from it without entangling yourself. Be careful where you interfere so that you do not become what you are fighting.

Turn every harm to good by recognizing the purpose of it.

Distil unshakeable wisdom from every upheaval and remain true to yourselves and always devoted to GOD!

JJK: What can we expect in detail? Will we see even greater armed conflicts? What about the EU? And where is Germany going?

BABAJI: As announced in various messages – it will never come to the extreme! Neither the earth nor a world related to it will come to an end.

All events lead to upliftment and not to downfall! Remember: He who has chosen life will be granted life!

The EU

The politically stitched-together Europe is not sustainable.

The signs of disintegration are becoming abundantly clear. More and more states are emancipating themselves, new alliances are emerging and it is only a matter of time before the end of this institution has to be proclaimed. Germany’s role is to rediscover itself, to regain its greatness, its self-confidence and its spiritual strength.

JJK: I often wonder why there is so little resistance from our neighbors – or am I missing something?


BABAJI: There is great inner resistance. The people of this wonderful nation, which is instrumental in the spiritual awakening of mankind, have infinite patience with their leaders. They can bear them, they can endure their deeds, they can tolerate their evilness to the point of self-denial – and while this is happening, the inner processes of clarification are taking place.

In this way, the German human being achieves inner certainty. As soon as the picture of a circumstance is complete, these people stand up and no one can or will be able to stop them. This realization must mature and it matures more and more with each passing day.

Germany, awakened and freed from self-doubt, has a central place in the future promised to you. The land of poets and thinkers will become the land of spiritual guides of the world – towards this future we are heading. There are still many obstacles to overcome until then, but in the end, Germany will master everything and find its way back to itself, to its own and true identity.

Summarized for the year 2024:

1) Wars never lead to the utmost. The earth is preserved as mankind is preserved.

2) Individual and collective decisions have an impact – the Golden Age for some, entanglements and doomsday scenarios for others.

3) Destruction, fear propaganda and restrictions on freedom are used by the old powers as a last resort to maintain power. The tried and tested Warriors of the Light know their strength and are aware of their power. The takeover of mankind fails.

4) Lightful projects and lightful people find new ways of working together. The divisive is overcome, the unifying is found. Mature, GOD-centered human beings bring about change.

5) Every lightful project is subject to divine protection.

The course is set!

Beloved human beings!

The course is set for the time after this time and it is a course that leads in varying directions.

Are you counting on GOD or are you going in a different direction? Where is your longing leading you and what else do you want to experience? Who is looking back at you when you look in the mirror? What journey are you embarking on? This alone will determine the year 2024 and the time far beyond.

Show yourself from your true side! Create the good and bring the light! No one can stop you as long as you serve life and belong to GOD.

You are loved and honored! Your deeds are confirmed, your assignments are affirmed, you are strengthened in your being. Farewell, departure, arrival – it happens with, in and through GOD.


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