Message from Master Kuthumi

In order for a child to thrive, they need the freedom to express their own feelings and thoughts – only by having their own experiences they acquire greater self-confidence.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



Love is free!

Just love a child …

Never tell a child – never commit the sin to tell a child: “love your mother”. Love the child and allow for love to happen. Don’t say: “Love me – because I am your mother. Love me – because I am your father. Love me.” Don’t turn it into a command, or else your child will fall short of it again and again. Just love that child, and in a loving environment, suddenly that very chord within them will begin to vibe and resonate.” OSHO (Empathy, page 150, Innenwelt Verlag)

In order for a child to thrive, they need the freedom to express their own feelings and thoughts – only by having their own experiences they acquire greater self-confidence.

Prejudice, handed down commands or restrictions lead to fear of expressing emotions and thoughts in children, and lead to neuroses.

Especially self-awareness and self-consciousness suffer under these circumstances.

People who – as children – were never allowed to express their own feelings, or who were judged for it, develop great insecurity, are fearful, tend towards perfectionism and are afraid of anything new.

Insecurity is prevalent on all levels, only because during childhood no one was there to say: “The way you think and feel is ok!”

A psychological excursus as introduction to this message …

What is essential for parents

who want “a grip” on their children or control them? Be aware:

Your children only belong to themselves and to God.

So first, drop your claims of ownership and power towards your children.

This happens once you become aware of and admit your sense of entitlement, and by then dissolving your claims with divine light. Heal your own injuries, those wounds inflicted to your soul during your own childhood. Then you have taken a huge step in the right direction.

Which adult likes to be told what to feel and think? Which adult wants to be told who to love instead of loving whom they choose?

The question mothers and fathers must ask themselves is: “Which wounds from my childhood still need healing?” This makes the relationship with children more relaxed – both for you and for the children.

That freedom needed for the development of children still has to be gained by many adults first.

Because the lack of freedom of thought and emotion experienced by many adults leads to the fact that this restriction is passed on to the next generation,  “inherited”.

A thriving family life

Therefore it is of utmost importance for a thriving family life that mothers and fathers were able to freely express their love when they were children. If that wasn’t the case, they need to regain this freedom in later years by working on their consciousness. Because this freedom is the foundation for a thriving love for children that cannot be polluted by anything.

„Love your mother, love your father” – no mother or father who love themselves will say that!

If children are forced to outbalance the lack of self-love of their parents, it is damaging to all family members. So I invite you to introspect on that matter.

What happens inside of you when children express their feelings and thoughts freely – especially when this is uncomfortable for you? How much truth can you handle, and how freely are children allowed to speak it?

Do you allow your children to love who they choose and not who you consider lovable? Do you like to give children advice or do you lead a life that serves children as a point of reference? Which do you prefer: instructions or freedom?

Work your way through these questions – and you will let go of several beliefs and embrace new perspectives.

Love is free. This is the message.






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