Message from Archangel Haniel

Even if you win over the entire world – if you lose your ability to love, you haven’t gained anything but lost everything.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



You are perfect through love

Mastery through forgiveness

Beloved human,

Forgive everyone for everything – unconditionally. This is the only way to inner peace and peace amongst humanity.

You are not just human – you are an everlasting spiritual being having simultaneous multidimensional experiences. Earth provides you with unique experiences, and it allows you to first experience and to then go beyond all worldly limitations.

Earth is the place to experience limits to your limitless consciousness.

The reason for your incarnation on this earth and your choice to want to experience this adventure of “being human” is solely based on your wish to experience yourself as cosmic being within earthly limitations.

The dense veil of oblivion has covered your mind, and life after life you have tried to lift that veil of oblivion bit by bit. This is the reason for your life on earth, because only through oblivion all of this was and is possible.

How can an angel of pure light and love experience themselves as dark and fill their hearts with hatred? By choosing a reality in which this deficiency syndrome can be lived and experienced.

Today you are longing to return into the light, and more and more people are getting ready to bring this journey to an end. More and more have seen, experienced and felt first hand what it means to be human. With all ups and downs. the human life was lived.

The last illusion

What matters now is to break through the very last of all illusions, which is the belief anyone or anything on this earth legitimately deserves your anger or hatred. This is the last hurdle on your way back into the love of God and the love of Self.

In the end, it is unconditional love that decides upon the ascension of an individual. This is the lesson for masters, or for human beings who wish to obtain mastery of this plane of creation.

Only your capability to love is key for your path to come.

This is why you are offered so many good opportunities these days. Because evil, as well as beings with bad intentions towards humanity, are stepping out of the shadows and into the light. You recognize those who want to harm you, and those who want to exploit you.

Great suffering accompanies humanity on upper earth, because unresolved conflicts are seeking an escape into freedom.

While this transformation and this healing occur, you must remain loving.

The more hatred you encounter, the more injustice you have to endure, and the less love matters, the more decidedly you must radiate love and advocate justice.

When the whole world laughs about you or attacks you, when friends turn away and nobody wants to know you anymore, then you can perfect yourself – by staying true to yourself and never leaving the path of light and love.

Even if you win over the entire world – if you lose your ability to love, you haven’t gained anything but lost everything.

Today, at the end of one era and the beginning of a new one, human beings who have lifted the veil of oblivion will ascend. Those who remember know the path where, step by step, imperfection is transformed into perfection.

Remember, beloved human! You are perfect through your light and your love – and through unconditional forgiveness, you enter this space of grace, the place where the last veil is lifted.



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