Message from Mother Mary

Sometimes the load must be carried by the collective of many, and sometimes healing is only possible with your effort and your contribution.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



Pray for the children who are being abused!

Mother Earth

suffers from the misdeeds of humanity and experiences relief through the good deeds of human beings. This is why great souls keep incarnating over and over again to take upon them the misdeeds of humanity and to assist the planet and mankind in their process of transformation.

Today, too, such souls are amongst you. They live next door to you and don’t make a big deal of their missions. Without these human beings, this earth would be prone to destruction and humanity would face its downfall.

But even these great souls that transform negative dark energy into positive and light energy need the support of their human family.

Sometimes the load must be carried by the collective of many, and sometimes healing is only possible with your effort and your contribution.

I am speaking of the load of worldwide systematic child abuse. This misdeed is happening right here in this world, sometimes even right before your eyes.

Create meditations and rituals

Please start dedicating parts of your mediations and prayers to the salvation of these children. Ask the high realms of light, ask the archangels and ascended masters for intervention. Start advocating this issue and shine light on the darkest darkness of this world with your prayers.

Mother Earth suffers from this heavy burden she is carrying, and those individuals who are of good will and pure soul are often unaware of the effect this abuse has on the entire human family – and of the fact that they can put an end to this abuse.

Create meditations and rituals, develop invocations, and be inspired by the divine light! Please keep in mind that each development can gain or lose ground.

Misdeeds exist, and the dark avoids your light. Therefore: Let your light shine, be compassionate and put your love forward. The children in this world who are being abused are in desperate need of your prayers and meditations.

I thank you for following my request and honoring the call of your heart.



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