Message from Sananda

There is so much more to you, human, than you might think – and disregarding this fact and ranging today’s energetic jungle on your own account leads to trouble.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



Daily Meditation, daily prayer

Beloved humans,

God is revealing himself to you these days. While the pressure around you increases, God is settling down in your hearts. Slowly you are beginning to understand that the turmoil the world is in is just a reflection of your own thoughts and emotions. Calming down, becoming still inside – that is what matters now.

Therefore I invite you to practice daily self-reflection, daily meditation and daily prayer. By that you strengthen the bond between yourself and God, and by that you become firm in your belief and consistent in your faith in God.

The difficulty many people are facing today is that they keep losing their inner balance and get caught up in the maelstrom of this time. As soon as you leave your own four walls you must be alert and conscious.

You need to face your entire environment with alert attention.

Build up energetic protection

So take this to heart: please protect yourself when you leave the house. As soon as you step outside, build up energetic protection around you.

I, (please state your name), AM PROTECTED!

Keep saying that until you feel that it is so.

This short and simple phrase will create a protective energy field that is more urgent now than ever.


The turmoil around you will continue to increase, a big storm is coming and it is important to be prepared for it – let us focus on this aspect now.

The best preparation for life lies in the quality of connectedness with the spiritual light and the HIGHER SELF.

The meaning of Higher Self

The HIGHER SELF exists beyond the earthly heaviness and yet it is intimately connected to you. It is all knowing, it is your companion and it steers you in the right direction.

A constant connection with the HIGHER SELF is fundamental and existential. When your connection to your HIGHER SELF is intact you never go wrong. This is the only way to fulfill your missions as a human being.

People who have cut themselves off from the HIGHER SELF feel lonely and at some point always get to a place of despair.

Therefore open yourself to this transcendent perception of your existence.

The more present your relationship to the HIGHER SELF is, the more you know your way and the less you get scared by events. Only those who don’t establish a connection to themselves or to God lose track of life and are bound to despair of the world as it is now.

During all outer activities you feel obligated or obliged to, be aware: The constant connection to your inner “spiritual guide”, the divinity within you, is the key to get through this time sane and healthy.

There is so much more to you, human, than you might think – and disregarding this fact and ranging today’s energetic jungle on your own account leads to trouble.

God is with you, and your HIGHER SELF provides those impulses in your life that you need for your spiritual growth.

In order for you to live to see the tomorrow and get through the shift unharmed, the need for your close cooperation with your HIGHER SELF is urgent.

Get in touch during meditation or prayer – and hold that connection to your HIGHER SELF forever.



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