Message from Sanat Kumara

Things take their course, and your unconditional love for all-that-is is put to a test now – your chance to achieve mastery.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Decline or ascension?

Several times a day you roam and oscillate between the dimensions of 3D-earth and the 5D-world. This is very demanding and takes up all your energy!

I am SANAT KUMARA, human amongst humans, spirit from Spirit and divine like you!

Beloved human, I am here with you together with the armada of light beings that accompany this earth and you throughout this time! With everything that happens and occurs: you are not alone, just like the earth in its massive shift is not alone.

It’s the time of final decisions and the time when every individual determines their future timeline and future life circumstances. It is obvious: the days of the shift have dawned – transformation and shift, decline or ascension are no longer theoretical, they are everyday practice, happening daily right before your eyes.

The decisions made by individuals already display consequences, because the sword of truth cuts through relationships, friendships and families. This fact is challenging and demands everything of you. While you are spiritually anchored in the 5th dimension, you are confronted with the density of the 3rd dimension on a physical level.

Your everyday life is filled with situations you often believed to have overcome already. While your spiritual being finds profound joy and profound happiness in the vital connection with God, you encounter earthly circumstances that can knock you off balance. This area of conflict currently shapes your days: The NEW earth isn’t realized yet, and there’s an ongoing epic fight for the OLD earth!

What is the best strategy now to maneuver safely through this phase, which represents decline for some and ascension for others, and to stay mentally, spiritually, physically well and healthy?

Let go of resistance!

First I ask of you:

• Let go of any resistance against current developments! Above all, let go of any resistance and worry regarding the fact that so many people now turn towards darkness and not towards the light. What happens now is happening in accordance with the souls’ prenatal agreements. Many get lost – and that is just what individual souls wanted and chose.

Please don’t interfere, neither mentally nor energetically, with the life and the life choices of your fellow human beings – unless they explicitly ask you to.

Things take their course, and your unconditional love for all-that-is is put to a test now – your chance to achieve mastery. Because the decisions of individuals in favor of the path of darkness and decline are taking place in your immediate environment. So let go! Meditate on this matter until you can embrace and accept everything from the bottom of your soul.

You are the light

Secondly I point out:

• Please engage in your own transformational process! Pay attention to your worries and problems as needed so that they can dissolve. Face your fears so that you can see through them, identify them and let them go! Pay more attention than ever to keeping your own house in order and sweeping outside your own front door! Maintain your inner alignment with God and realize the deeper meaning of your existence on this 3D earth!

You are LIGHT shining for those who wish to find themselves – so make sure that your inner light never stops shining and your inner flame of life never goes out.

While heaven is growing within your soul, externally you are experiencing chaos of this 3D-earth.

These challenges need to be mastered, for please remember who you are: a master who has chosen this life in order to reach perfection.

When you experience rough days, give everything over to God! When you experience good days, share your joy with God!

Take each step with GOD and perceive HIS presence in your hearts and everyday lives.

Strength, courage, perseverance and serenity, security and love – all of that you find in God!

I am with you, I am omnipresent all-encompassing consciousness. I am the beginning and end!

I love you endlessly!






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