Written by Jahn J Kassl

English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht

It’s time for true revolution

And very quietly, everyone can do their part without fighting the system, without creating enemies and without any bloodshed in the streets.

Rising without a splash, resisting without violence, freedom through consciousness.

It’s time for true revolution – very quietly and at the will of the individual. Your neighbors don’t need to know – they will see; you don’t need to tell your friends – they will experience it. You don’t need to prove to anyone that you have awakened, you are doing it for yourself!

● It is time everyone disposed of their TV.
(Read a good book or go to the movies.)

● It is time everyone used their cell or smart phone only when absolutely necessary and not become a slave to this technology.

(Electric smog disintegrates the brain and keeps us from trusting our intuition. The constant use of cell phones causes our telepathic abilities to deteriorate.)

● It is time everyone stopped all activities on facebook, twitter and instagram. How much longer do you want to spend “guarding”? (There are alternatives.)

● It is time everyone avoided sales and „special deals“.

(Rather afford one precious item than many low quality ones. Sales uphold the sense of lack and promote greed.)

● It is time everyone removed all instant food items and soft drinks from their refrigerators.
(Drink pure energized water, beer or some other quality drink.)

● It is time everyone stopped eating animal cadavers.
(Eat vegetarian foods. “As long as slaughter houses exist, there will be battle fields.” Leo Tolstoi)

● It is time everyone stayed away from elections. (Don’t give your vote to those who don’t know how to properly handle it. Elections continue to prove that we can only choose the suppressor but not the end of suppression!)

● It is time everyone reduced digital payments to a minimum and stuck to using cash.
(Cash secures the last bit of our economic independence.)

● It is time everyone quit subscriptions for newspapers or news channels of mainstream media.
(There are plenty of new magazines and papers, as well as alternative “broadcast stations”.)

● It is time everyone refused inhuman employments with undignified payment and stopped going to work.
(Underpaid labor of the many makes the great wealth of the few possible. Even if the situation may be hard because it is a matter of survival – when you have faith in God unexpected doors will open.)

● It is time everyone gave up the things we have gotten used to that are damaging to us.
(Habits are the greatest enemy of the new.)

● It is time everyone meditated and connected with their divine nature.
(A meditative and peaceful inner attitude is a matter of survival today! Knowing that we are more than just a human being of flesh and blood turns dwarfs into giants.)

● It is time everyone woke up and put at least one of these points effectively into practice.

In order for anything to change, we need to change – each one of us individually. It is time!

Don’t complain about anything or anyone, but regain your sovereignty.

A conformist approach to this world means being sick. Get healthy by finding your own way and letting go of all that is damaging.

Start with baby steps, but start.

It is time for true revolution within each one of us. You don’t have to tell anyone, you just need to do it. That way everyone will see. Live your dreams and be what you are.

Today’s revolution is happening inside your own home and inside of you.

If we all simultaneously – each one individually – work on this consciousness transformation, the system will break down within a few hours. That is the revolution I am dreaming of and that is needed now.

Fighting our own snugness and not the system. Fighting for a new world by overcoming our damaging habits. Fighting for victory – over ourselves.

Jahn J Kassl


PS: This list doesn’t claim to be complete.



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