Message from Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Setbacks, discouragement and even despair come with transformation and can neither be eliminated nor prevented during the transformation process! Be aware that on this plane of existence the human factor is predominant and the Divine has yet to be achieved.


Go ahead, proceed! Never mind if you get dizzy spells, get attacked, or malevolent forces try to block your flow of life.  Proceed, pick yourself up and go ahead. Perseverance and stamina are the qualities that matter these days. That’s the only way to dissolve inner blockades and overcome outer blockades.

Be aware, these days the huge fight is rampaging here on earth and over the earth. A fight like this has never existed before and will never exist again.

Their business

This fight demands everything of you. Because wherever light reveals itself, dark forces emerge from the shadows and cloud your view.

Dissuading you from achieving enlightenment is their major goal, and keeping you from gaining awareness their most important business. You are to be demoralized and be triggered to deviate. You are to remain in the world of illusion in order for their matrix to persist.

So there is a huge struggle between light and darkness, good and evil, between those who want to free humanity and those who want to continue to subdue it.

Today humanity is getting ready to regain their freedom.  More and more people come around and perceive god’s light that shines upon the earth from the CENTRAL SUN every day. Therefore more and more people are exposed to attacks by malevolent entities and to obstructions of their endeavors.

That’s exactly what needs to be seen today, and the quality of these times needs to be risen above. Rising above it means managing all setbacks, ignoring “bad” days, and recognizing what appear to be “defeats” as teachers for the victory to come.

What matters:  to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually stable so that nothing can unsettle you and no one can get you off track! That’s the only way that you can come out victorious in this battle between heaven and hell. Hell …

Does hell exist?

Yes, beloved humans,

Hell is where consciousness has completely left its oneness with god. Hell is where egotism was proclaimed a maxim, and where there is no love. The existence of love creates heaven, the absence of love creates hell.

It doesn’t matter where you live or in which universe you move: where there’s a lack of love there’s a lack of everything – and that is where hell is. Whoever tells you that hell doesn’t exist is in denial of the oblivion of divinity and the obsessive ego of many humans.

Hell is not a place but an energetic state, of the entire world or a single human. So hell can be everywhere or nowhere, and you can encounter it everywhere or nowhere.

Proclaim the great message

So go out there and proclaim the great message of love and peace. Unfazed by strong headwinds, create heaven on earth. Don’t deviate from your chosen path and persevere.

And know this: When you are discouraged, enfeebled or desperate, that’s when I am closest to you. I provide you with light and strengthen you for your tasks. I keep you out of harm’s way and bring back into balance what has fallen out of balance. I am by your side until you have gained enough strength to proceed on the path of light.

It comes with these major disputes between good and bad that the good ones experience a lot of setbacks before they can come out of the fight victoriously and ascend to heaven.

The final phase has begun. Events are inevitably taking their course. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter, and every step towards freedom is to be made more difficult and agonizing for some of you now.

And this is where I come in. For I assist the courageous and strengthen the weakened. The “project earth” will be completed and humanity refined.

Be courageous, energetic and unafraid! Recognize the deeper meaning in everything that happens and god’s handwriting in all synchronistic incidents.




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