Conversation with Sananda

Important for this message is: Do not worry for a moment, neither for your fellow human beings nor for yourselves, because every human being enters the place of his choice and his destiny under the wise guidance of his brothers and sisters of light.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
From the German original:

Are we accompanied after we die?

“The Tunnel of Light”

JJK: A question that has been coming up again and again for quite some time: “Is there a TUNNEL OF LIGHT after death, which in reality is a trap and binds us to the wheel of Karma? Or in other words, “Are we accompanied after we die, is there help so that no one can take the wrong turn, if there is one?”

SANANDA: What happens is that every human being chooses exactly what his soul has determined for him! In this sacred process of dying and re-entering reality, nothing is left to chance. Reports that speak of a light that you are not supposed to step into or of a fork in the road where you have to make the “right” decision are harmful, misleading and confusing. This uncertainty of people has only one goal: to keep the vibration of people low and people in fear beyond this life.

JJK: This theory seemed very strange to me since I heard it for the first time years ago. That people are led astray beyond death, that can’t be GOD’s will or part of the game – or can it?

What is happening is …

SANANDA: What happens is that every human being that enters and ascends from this world into the subtle reality is accompanied, protected and sheltered. Every human being is awaited by Light Beings from his spiritual family, and so the process of gliding-over becomes a process of guiding-over.

You must go by yourselves – however nobody is on his own!

Truly everything and everyone is taken care of! So do not worry when you cross over. In the care of GOD, you will find the right and good way to where you are expected.

JJK: But what happens when someone dies suddenly, in an accident, for example. That person is in shock. What effect does that have?

SANANDA: This has the effect of that person being caught up in the same way by angelic beings and gradually released from the trauma of such a death. This soul dwells on a plane of regeneration until these aspects are healed. After that, this soul rejoins its soul family, that is, those entities of the soul family who are at a similar stage of development and are going through the corresponding trainings.

JJK: So, there is NO light tunnel which we should avoid in the dying process. As soon as we leave our physical body, everything is arranged, everything is guided – by God.

SANANDA: It is all guided, in the sense of the respective soul of a person. After giving up the body, knowledge enters, overview is given and suddenly a person realizes who he was and what he is.

All lives ever lived, all chosen learning experiences and everything that makes up a human being is revealed to a person after the transition. Souls who want to continue to get entangled, who have to keep playing the game and settle unfinished business, stay in the game quite automatically. They prepare for the next incarnation and receive further opportunities to finish the game and complete the soul.

Essentially, there are three options after dying:

Three options after dying

1.) Ascent:

All earthly entanglements are dissolved, which means the end of the incarnation cycle.

2.) Time out from earth:

This means that the last experiences of an earth life are being integrated.

What the soul still wants to experience is defined and the preparation for the new incarnation takes its course.

3.) Time out as a soul:

For all people who have completely lost the access to themselves on the earth, who are destroyed inwardly and whose soul parts have scattered to a high degree, there is this time-out for the soul. It is aligned anew on God and on the Light. The soul is put together anew. During this process the entity begins to understand slowly what it has to answer for – and the desire for reparation opens. In this way new incarnation strands for the earth are designed and formed.

This third aspect refers to people who have been driven by an unbridled evilness and a boundless ego addiction throughout their lives. Those people who are at the lowest stage of their development are gradually brought back to the Divine in this way.

JJK: I have received messages saying that whole evil people are breathed back by GOD and their soul is completely reassembled …

Is that what is being talked about here?

SANANDA: This happens as grace of God. In this way nobody and nothing is lost in being.

Important for this message is: Do not worry for a moment, neither for your fellow human beings nor for yourselves, because every human being enters the place of his choice and his destiny under the wise guidance of his brothers and sisters of light.

GOD cares for YOU and HE cares for YOU especially when your divine hour has come – the moment when your soul lets itself sink into HIS arms and where you pass over into HIS care.

TRUST in GOD in life and TRUST in GOD even more in death!

In infinite love SANANDA

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