Message from Babaji

In the end there will be harmony, everything will fall into place and into divine order. Until then, those who are awakened need to stay awake and continue their inner growth.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



Follow your path – God is taking care of everything else.

Shower from the treetops

JJK: When I was walking through the forest today, heavy showers kept dropping from the treetops. It had been raining all night, and in the thick forest the raindrops accumulated in the treetops until the weight of the water caused the treetops to bend and the water to splash to the ground. It was really exciting to observe this over the course of more than an hour – right next to me, in front and behind me, to my left and my right, the water splashed to the ground, only I stayed dry – fortunately. since I wasn’t wearing rain gear. That was really very pleasant. While I was observing this, a thought came to my mind:

“It’s similar to the world: impacts are coming closer and closer, and yet, many people remain unharmed by them. The only thing that matters is to keep following one’s own path unflinchingly, no matter what happens left and right, in front, behind or above you.” Dry and in a good mood, I arrived at home. (End of report)


The message is: follow your path – God is taking care of everything else.

Beloved human,

You worry too much! You are wrecking someone else’s brain! You are even afraid of the course the world is taking, and that the world as you know it will soon cease to exist. Worry, dread and fear rule your every day – this needs to be left behind, this needs to be changed!

4 dictums of action

It’s the most natural attitude on the spiritual path, and yet so many easily forget the dictums of action:

1.) Stay fully focused on yourself!

2.) Do whatever you have to do, and follow your path!

3.) Don’t turn around, neither react to praise nor criticism.

4.) Be yourself, and God can start HIS work!

That’s all!

Shift your entire focus on becoming yourself more and more. Times of crisis offer the best opportunity for that. Because times of crisis don’t allow you to deviate, there isn’t much distraction and you are basically forced to remind yourself of what truly matters.

Emigrate to your inner core, and on the outside, let things happen as they must.

Before the critical point is reached, those who are supposed to be awakened are guided – and that happens through the build-up of new drama.

In the end everything falls into place

The system of injustice and oppression that prevails on this earth must be seen through and recognized by a certain amount of people.

Only that will bring down the pillar of this matrix and destroy the ones that set out to destroy this world.

In the end there will be harmony, everything will fall into place and into divine order. Until then, those who are awakened need to stay awake and continue their inner growth.

Outer events intensify the entire situation on the outside – being balanced inside, staying connected and oriented is now more important than ever.

This only works if you open yourself to God and trust HIS guidance. Each day you are invited to intuitively live with God.

Joyfully follow this invitation, because a New Earth is born – and you shall be the light for those who are seeking the light, and the anchor for those who are still trying to find themselves.

I love you, BABAJI


→ The fight is over – work begins! BABAJI



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