Message from Master St. Germain

Behind the curtains, the entire world is now being prepared for rebirth. If you want to realize the full extent of this shift, realize yourself first.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Awaken your I AM

Stay peaceful, in contemplation, and expand in knowing your soul until you understand what this time is about.

Inside yourself you will find all answers. Keep searching until you find.


Awaken your I AM. Now is the best time for it. Life around you comes to rest, there is stillness, even if peace still is a work in progress.  And you can use this stillness, the calm before the actual storm, wisely.

Contemplation, establishing nearness and intimacy with your own soul, should be the highest priority for everyone now. Your outer freedom of movement is restricted?! This is the chance for inner expansion.

Now is the time to escape from the prison of false programs. It is your time to grow up fast, which means: regaining your ability to develop your own true spiritual abilities.

This time now is offering you a unique ability for awakening, because in a unique way you are confronted with your own unresolved issues.

Is it loneliness or nearness?

Is it the feeling of loneliness that seems unbearable to you, does being alone feel like torture, then continue working on stillness until you no longer perceive it as a threat but as a blessing. Live through your fears, transform them – be and become whole.

Is it the nearness to your family that suddenly seems unbearable to you, the situation of continuously being surrounded by people and their habits and moods, then develop inner serenity. Work on compassion and let the love flow. Keep in mind that the very things and issues that bother you in the other may very well be your own shadows.

The wizard uses his surroundings as a mirror for self-reflection.

These days, when huge planetary shifts are happening behind the scenes, present the opportunity for the individual to awaken.

This is the true gift of these Corona days: the opportunity to profoundly work on inner freedom since outer freedom has been restricted.

These days will pass, and what remains is your new status as an awakened human being.

Working towards this is the imperative of the hour. It is essential to invest and channel your energies the right way.

Where do you direct your focus?

Now that all eyes are on the world events, where do you direct your focus? Do you stay centered or do get swayed? Do you succumb to the world-wide spectacle or are you joyfully engaging in your Self?

Beloved human,

I am by your side in all your efforts to bring the light of transformation to all beings. Until the I AM has awakened, I won’t leave your side.

The great transformation of mankind is in process. Your contribution lies in working on and intensifying your own transformation.

This contribution of yours is indispensable for this shift to happen on a societal level.

Behind the curtains, the entire world is now being prepared for rebirth. If you want to realize the full extent of this shift, realize yourself first.

You’ll find that now is the best opportunity, because:

When external life quiets down, there tends to be a storm going on inside human beings. This very storm needs to be realized and overcome. This is true mastery.



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→ Fear is contagious – so is love! – Archangel Haniel



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