16. March 2019


Builders of the world


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Do not despair, don’t give up striving for making the divine visible on this earth – and when it get’s tough, the angels from nowhere will appear.


Walk the path of love, gentleness and compassion. Don’t get mislead by the mighty and drastic current events. Human beings loose themselves just to find themselves again later. No power on earth can change that.

So let go of those who choose to stay behind in this world. Even if they are best friends, dearest people and closest companions.

Not everyone will fulfill their lives now – in fact, only exceedingly few – and those who are setting out to cross beyond the horizon will leave those behind who are afraid of changes.

This is their fate, and you can best support these people by giving up your secret expectations of them.

Nobody has ever entered the heavenly kingdom through intervention!

So don’t worry, because whoever chooses to stay behind knows why – even if appearances are deceptive and outer circumstances are held responsible.

Energy of enlightenment

Anyone who is willing and wanting, who does everything for their enlightenment, will gain everything and get there. Anyone who is less ready to give will remain caught in the wheel of time.

Liberation can only happen if the inner longing for liberation is absolute. Enlightenment cannot be achieved with less energy than that.

Therefore, establish your right relationship with current events:

Are you willing to risk everything for your transformation? Then come! If not, stay alert and wait for the day that will change everything.

Eons have passed since you were confronted with this message, and eons will pass until those who still cling to impermanence will be given the next opportunity for ascension.

How true and unchangeable: Ascension is happening, but only exceedingly few are giving themselves into the hands of God.

But those who are ready are experiencing daily encounters with the angels out of nowhere.

God is with you, God is in you, God is everything. To anyone who realizes this, the secrets of life are an open book.

We love you humans endlessly.





Give up personal claims to power – THE ASCENDED MASTERS



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