Message from Babaji

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Time of Meditation

What this means in detail:

Every day – in a rhythm of six hours, at one or more of the following times, every person in their time zone – go into stillness and/or meditation:

0.00   – 0.30 a.m.

6.00   – 6.30 a.m.

12.00 – 12.30 p.m.

6.00   – 6.30 p.m.

Make sure that you can dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to one of these meditations.

Purpose of Meditation

The goal is that people connect collectively, leave the energy fields of fear simultaneously, and keep their own frequencies high.
The goal is to overcome the matrix in these meditations, to enter the energy field of divine love and to become anchored there more and more firmly.
The goal is to create an entirely new and powerful energy field of love on earth by repeating this collective bundling of energy and of light-filled intentions.
The goal is that every day more and more people join in during one these hours to collectively create peace, freedom and joy.
The goal is to unify mankind and to change the world in a positive way.
The planetary frequency as a whole is raised by the continuous flow of light from the central sun. The individual human frequency however has to be raised at each person’s own request. For that it is necessary to open oneself to the spiritual light and to unconditionally surrender to the transformation process. Meditation is the means to change everything within oneself and in the world.

Therefore daily collective meditation in the spirit of light has immeasurable power; it enables you to change the energy field of the earth and adapt it to your high basal frequency.

A constantly high basal frequency brings about new modes of behavior in people and creates new realities at the visible level of this world.

All negative circumstances, turmoil and outbursts of hatred that are currently going on in this world are part of the big cleansing process.

It is however in your power to alleviate these discharges and to undo certain events even if they were prophesied to you.

Be aware: Several events that were prophesied did not happen for this very reason, and some of what is seemingly still pending will not happen either, because it is you who will determine the fate of the world and change the course of time as well as the course of events.

You are capable of generating the energy needed to turn things around for the better. Do this by creating the frequency of light and love, by releasing all strife within you, and by consistently connecting with god. Thus the unimaginable will be achieved and the unexpected will manifest.

At this point it is not important to meditate upon the occurrence of a specific event; all that matters is that you continuously raise your own frequency, that you align with the high frequency of love, and that you create a peaceful guiding principle for this world. Then everything will fall into place, then there will be light where now there is darkness, and love will reign where now it is nipped in the bud and perceived as disruptive factor.

Collectively create what you collectively consider desirable. In this daily meditation the pure divine frequency of love is unleashed by those who have arrived in the land of peace.

So for the entire time frame remain in complete stillness and meditate according to the following sequence:

In two steps we now want to approach this daily collective meditation – with the aim to create a new spiritual concept of peace and love for this world:

1) Liberation from fears.

2) Creating peace in your immediate environment.

Accompanied by the Christ consciousness 13 (CC13)
(I-AM-symbol: overcoming the 3D-matrix, door into the light of the fifth dimension of being)

Symbol CC13 Download

»The secret of these meditation lies in the collective power that is unleashed through regular practice, and in the new elemental image* that is anchored in the ethereal world. Unimaginable effects and unexpected actualities can be created this way – through you. The key to world peace and to the unity of mankind lies in you. «

Sequence of the Meditation:


1) Start every meditation by asking the ethereal light beings to remove all your fears and concerns and to bring you into a harmonious state.

Fears that come up every day need to be removed daily.

This is the exercise. Take all the time you need. As soon as you feel centered and connected to your core, continue your meditation.


2) Creating peace in your life: Look at all the images that come up – with whom are you at discord in this present moment?

The following part is the most difficult of this meditation:


3) Practice unconditional forgiveness and create peace with everyone you are at strife with.

This is the exercise.

I am…

4) Envision who and what you really are:


Repeat this as many times as you need until you have fully absorbed this truth.

5) As the fifth and last part you now start


Visualize world peace. Include all regions that come to mind or that emerge as images before your mind’s eye. Continue until you notice that the meditation fades.


You have the power to change everything! “Impossible” doesn’t exist, even if this matrix is suggesting this to you at all levels.

Intent on peace. Courageous for love. Wholehearted for forgiveness. The worldwide peace meditation >>> Peace around the clock leads you directly to it. You are empowered.

I am omnipresent.


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1  ”An “elemental“ is a mental construct created by the power of the mind that, through constant repetition or concentration, gets kind of a life of its own and can influence the originator or others. Today this word is often used in a negative context (for example in the context of addiction), but really it is neutral. Here the expression “elemental image” means the image projection or vision of a seer that, due to its high spiritual frequency, can inspire many people and can even advance to becoming a guiding principle of an entire community. In a negative sense however it is also possible to manipulate people with such images.” (Quote from the annotation by the translator of the book “Anastasia”, Vol. 4 –  Creation, Wladimir Megre, Govinda Publishing, page 96).

>>> German (pdf) – Schlüssel zum Weltfrieden
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>>> Chinese – 世界和平的关键
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