Master St. Germain

Every effort that is made by you is for this holy purpose: To make the truth presentable on earth and to banish everything untrue and rotten from earth.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
From the German original:

The truth becomes visible, and the light prevails!

Part 1

Storm of truth

The truth paves the way, it becomes visible everywhere and asserts itself everywhere! The signs of the time are pointing to the storm of truth. Nothing can withstand this dynamic, and everything will subordinate itself to this necessity, so that the way can be prepared for the new age of humanity.

With the emergence of the truth everything changes! Because only after that the light of GOD can carry out its healing work in the human hearts, only after that can you experience yourself as a human being of GOD and only after that the veil between the worlds is transparent, so that a living communication can take place between you and your family from the being.

Today, we are working towards that day.

Every effort that is made by you is for this holy purpose: To make the truth presentable on earth and to banish everything untrue and rotten from earth.

Already the signs are increasing that we are on a good path, already your work and your perseverance are bringing to light the true, good and noble in man, for you are increasing in number. There are more and more who seek the truth and who want to find it first in themselves. What is untrue, false or ambiguous will be recognized and banished from life.

People are ready!

Today, more and more people are ready to initiate major corrections, and if necessary, to completely rebuild their lives. Today, more and more people are awakening to the fact that they don’t want to deceive themselves anymore, that they look into their hearts and start the healings that are necessary.

Even if it is a minority in relation to the number of the world’s population, the now awakening people mean a majority when it comes to restoring a light-filled fundamental vibration on this earth. The quality of these people outweighs any number, their will to create and their power of manifestation have been awakened by working on their own issues. The lesson that everything begins with ourselves, with yourself, was understood and so now everything takes its good, right and healing path.

Mirror of truth

The forces of unlight spread the untruth, the lie has grown on them like a skin, and they will not give way until they see themselves and their misdeeds in the mirror of truth. Nobody can permanently avoid this reflection! You know and they know that the time for it has dawned.

However, it is also true that every being plays its irreplaceable role on earth until the final chord. Until then it is important to hold out and to master the time with GOD. Because the day on which the trumpets of GOD introduce end and new beginning is near.

Timeline of life has been reached!

This means that the number of revelations will continue to increase rapidly, so that more and more people will be able to get a glimpse of the big picture. Nothing remains hidden anymore. In the process, all of the threatening backdrops of scary future scenarios will begin to dissolve before your eyes. You have reached the next level of consciousness. Today you look at the events of the time with different eyes. The outside has lost its power. Power is now exercised by your soul, and you have found orientation. Fears give way more and more, concerns about the future decrease – and GOD has returned into your life.

Truly, humanity has chosen the light-filled future to the degree that is required and has reached the timeline of life.

On the outer world, the earth continues to revolve, and the revelations take on greater and greater proportions. Inside, however, more and more people complete themselves and they become impregnable spiritual fortresses.

In this way, those forces that have been enriching themselves from your life energy are thinning out, because in the light of truth, neither their lies nor they themselves can stand.

The truth paves the way for humanity into the light.

(end part 1)

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