United soul families

The dark entities are running out of time. They can see their downfall coming and strenuously fight against it. This is why you need to keep your nerve in the upcoming days and internally connect with God, the Light and Divine Love.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


The great revolution has begun!

Powerful aura

Moving ahead courageously and safely towards the finish line!

Beloved humans,

God is by your side, and the celestial angels support any luminous action that is brought to life here on earth for the benefit of mankind and the liberty of all life.

While more and more people activate their luminous divine nature, heaven is orchestrating all luminous actions and supports you that way.

The spiritual families from the realm of Being and the earthly families of Light are now cooperating. This creates an energy field that is impenetrable for dark entities, a powerful aura that gets stronger with each individual who awakens.

The great revolution has begun, and more and more groups of incarnated souls will be joining in.

More and more people see who wants to lead this world and where – and they turn away from them with all their strength and power.

Miraculously, mankind will be saved from being taken over by dark soulless entities and will be liberated – and what has begun now is just the initiation, the prelude of something much much bigger.

This message talks about the fact that in this fight you benefit from substantial celestial support. You are neither alone, nor is your fight in vain.

The key to freedom

Invisible forces are at work, and they mainly work in your hearts.

Because it is mainly people’s hearts that are being transformed, and once this transformation is complete, all is well and the divine order can be restored.

Your heart is the key to freedom and peace. Your heart contains all solutions and creates all possibilities – inside and out.

And so it happens that God is opening people’s hearts now. Only those who close themselves off entirely are excluded from this grace, while those who are willing but their fears have yet made it impossible for them to awaken are now getting another opportunity for liberation.

God is in your life

Due to the fact that so many people – and their number is increasing worldwide on a daily basis – are working towards freedom, unity and peace, direct divine guidance has become possible.

Your courage and your drive have effectuated that God is interfering in your life until you are fully healed and your earthly missions are completed.

The dark entities are running out of time. They can see their downfall coming and strenuously fight against it. This is why you need to keep your nerve in the upcoming days and internally connect with God, the Light and Divine Love.

The spiritual consciousness of mankind is awakening and ultimately guarantees the triumph of light over darkness.

Put all energies of fear that keep challenging you in line, and prepare the soil for truth and love. What you do every day – spiritually or physically – guarantees that it will all be well and bright in the end.

See how more and more people confront and turn towards to the light of truth. Know that this is the fruit of your labor. But the real harvest still lies ahead.

With endless love,

This is the video of the current Light Reading, which is held in German.

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Inhaltsübersicht und Zeitleiste:





0:00:00  Zeit der Meisterschaft & 10. Verankerung von Lichtsäulen – an deinem Wohnort

0:27:00 Vom ICH zum WIR (Live-Botschaft)

0:35:00 Durchhalten und vom Zweifel zur Gewissheit

0:46:00 Tage, Wochen, Monate – Aus: DIE GROSSE ZEIT IST GEKOMMEN

0:54:00 Dieser Kampf ist nur mit Gott zu gewinnen!

1:02:05 Warum tun die das alles? Wie schafft man so viel “Unmenschlichkeit”?

1:07:10 Der große Betrug fliegt jetzt auf!

1:11:45 Mit Ihnen ist nichts falsch, sondern alles in Ordnung!

1:17:10 Neue Schwingung beschleunigt das Erwachen! (Einweihung)

1:26:50 OM NAMAH SHIVAY – Der Weg aus der Krise

1:32:00 Wann bist du frei?

1:35:30 Der Faktor Menschen bringt die Entscheidung!

1:44:30 Symbol CB9 – Wirkungsweise

1:49:00 Von der ersten Blühte bis zur Meisterschaft – Mitgefühl oder Mitleid?

1:53:50 Warum am Ende alles gut wird!

1:57:30 Alles ist aus Liebe.

2:01:15 Das Ende wird der neue Anfang sein!

2:12:00 Das Geschenk seiner Liebe steht für dich bereit – Aus: LICHT 2






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