Message from Babaji

The system of this matrix, the forces behind the visible, have been mistaken. The wheel of time is unstoppable and the course of events irreversible.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Fighting till the end

Be strong!

Be strong, and don’t feel discouraged! There are still mountains to climb, but with determination and courage you will reach the goal of liberation.


I am with you, beloved human!

The world is undergoing change and nothing stays the way it was. A positive and luminous development is gaining momentum and is unstoppable.

What you need to do now is to be vigilant and stay vigilant. Soon the new day is dawning, and it is already becoming evident that the awakening cannot be stopped any more and that the number of those who awaken steadily increases.

The system of this matrix, the forces behind the visible, have been mistaken. The wheel of time is unstoppable and the course of events irreversible.

The light reaches more and more aspects of your life. Everything is exposed, and even the darkest darkness undergoes a healing process and partakes in God’s grace.

Until the end, there is a fighting for each individual. Until the very end, opportunities for awakening are offered – nobody is forgotten!

With God

No matter which walk of life you have chosen and what kind of responsibility or guilt you may have burdened yourself with, God knows you and God loves you.

Before the veil of the great oblivion is unfurled upon this world, each Being is offered the opportunity, the chance of realization – the chance to separate themselves from the darkness of this time and expand their consciousness towards the light.

The end of time has not been reached yet, evil can still rage.

But the moment is near when an end is put to these goings-on.

Don’t be afraid, proceed on your path with courage and joy. Conquer your fears and you will have achieved it all.

Tie yourselves to God unconditionally! Why worry about the transient when the eternal awaits you?

With God by your side and God in your heart, you are invincible. This is not a metaphor, this is the only truth worth living for.

This is the deep meaning of your humanness: achieving mastery with and through God.

I love you endlessly.



This is the video of the current Light Reading, which is held in German.


Inhaltsübersicht und Zeitleiste:






0:00:00 Gute Erdung und konstante Anbindung

0:27:00 Erlösung sebst gestalten! (Live-Botschaft)

0:41:15 Wie sind wir mit unserer Erkrankung umgegangen sind

0:47:30 Das große Aufräumen

0:54:50 “Ich habe keine Angst!” Wirklich?

0:59:35 Warum erleben auch “spirituelle” Menschen Dramen.

1:07:20 Kehrst du heim oder reist du ab?

1:09:20 Ist Auswandern eine Lösung?

1:22:05 Was heißt Gottvertrauen?

1:28:45 Warum die NWO scheitert!

1:33:15 Das Unrecht wird beseitigt!

1:38:20 An einem einzigen Tag …

1:41:05 Das Positive sehen ist die Kunst

1:46:15 Hawkins-Skala auf 1000

1:53:45 Wie vermeide ich Pandemie?

1:58:50 Was kommt 2022?

2:05:25 Die große Revolution hat begonnen!

2:11:20 Karte aus dem schamanischen Seelenorakel

2:19:25 Es ist vorbei!



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