Message from Babaji

Move internally first, and revolve around your own affairs!

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations




People live their lives until they wake up and see who and what they really are. The big circle is complete as soon as the human being has added their unique experiences to the infinity of the divine. Then the band of angels rises and embarks on the journey into the world of light with you, from which you will never return again into this world.

It is perfection you keep striving for, and the closer you get to the Source, the more you are pulled into the light.

Beloved human,

this is the path you are walking on – with heavy boots or with an easy stride.

The Great Transformation on this earth is in process.
All beings searching and longing for the light will find the right path and fulfill their soul’s plan.

The soul’s plan

Before a human being enters the human body, a plan is drafted that defines what you will experience, with whom and where. The closer you get to your life’s plan, the more fulfilled your life is, the greater the sense that it feels right, and the bigger your steps towards becoming a fully conscious creator.

If this is where you are headed on your journey, all is won.

So I am inviting you now not to attribute too much value to earthly phenomena.

The outer reflects the inner. So turn inwards if you want to change what’s around you.

The spiritual path leads from the inside out. Move internally first, and revolve around your own affairs! What is the real issue and why are the boots you walk in heavy?

Your soul knows your plan for this life – and if you ask yourself what your mission is, this is a sign that you still need to clean up, remove and dissolve. Having a clear view into your soul is necessary in order to be able to recognize your missions.

Work on yourself in stillness – then everything that upsets you, and everything everyone who is in the process of awakening is asking for, will be revealed to you. Be patient, be calm and mind your own path. Don’t rush into anything, avoid nothing and accept every challenge. Dedicate each step to God.

You are spirit, you have a soul that fills your body with light – and you have a Higher Self that steers you through your human life from the realms of light. Realizing this is the task that brought every individual to this earth, and this means polishing the mirror so that you get a clear view of yourself.

Don’t rush anything!

Many people tend to accept tasks prematurely.
They dive into work and seek self-affirmation through acknowledgement by others.
Please develop serenity and patience.

Earth ascends along with all human beings who are of good will. Ascension is a common project of humanity and mother earth.

Even though there’s no time to waste and your eagerness matters – don’t rush anything!

• Walk your path into clarity and joy, peace and love, step by step – but keep going.

• Enjoy breaks but don’t rest for too long – don’t rest until it becomes hard to get back up again.

• Choose detours – but change your path as soon as you realize that it is a detour.

• Forgive yourself – this relaxes you and brings joy into the transformation process.

• Welcome fears, for they remind you what to look at and resolve.

• Dedicate all endeavors to God and become friends with celestial beings. The light will be revealed to you, God will manifest in you.

Mature into being a creator, and take your time for it. Then all is done.

I am with you. BABAJI


→ Connected to the Higher Self – SANANDA



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