Message from Archangel Nathanael

Beyond the previous horizon, real life starts – and that is where you are being guided to now.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations



God is omnipresent these days! Anyone seeking God will find HIM and will find the answers to the many questions of life!

Fully open yourself to God, and HE will shower you with understanding, clarity, light and love.

This is the time of the great shift. Nothing will be exempt. It is already becoming obvious that no stone will be left unturned, and that the world – as it was and still is – is passing. What yesterday held true, what seemed to be set in stone, today is but a memory.

Time is passing at a speed that shifts your view of the past entirely – and even the future becomes less and less important. The Here and Now requires your presence – and this presence is gained by focusing fully on your game, your life, your missions.

Boredom ceases to exist because life today demands your full power and dedication. Less is not enough, and half measure doesn’t lead to satisfying results.

On all levels you are invited and required to question old patterns and mindsets! To open yourself fully to the transcendent reality is the need of the hour. “Mystics”, as some say disparagingly, gain deeper and deeper insights into the earth and are the first to understand and interpret the true interrelations.

This time can no longer be explained by the conventional methods of science, art, culture and politics. Those who are looking for answers regarding the current phenomena by using the old tools of science are bound to fail across the board.

Life reveals itself to you in a new way.

Beyond the horizon

First your inner frequency is raised, allowing you to see beyond what’s visible to the eye.

Beyond the previous horizon, real life starts – and that is where you are being guided to now.

Every day brings you closer to the realization that there is much more to you than you think. Anyone who is scared by that, afraid of themselves and of life, is currently having a hard time opening themselves to this process with ease and faith.

Anyone who has suppressed God and their own immortality is facing special challenges today. Because the transcendent – or miracle, as some might say – is steadily expanding. Soon it will be the most natural thing to look behind the veil and perceive humanity as one and the earth as living organism.

The disconnectedness of your consciousness will be abrogated – a bit more each day.

Anyone who shuts themselves off from this process will quit the game. These people will find themselves on an earth suited to them and will keep living their lives until they open their hearts to further realizations.

No rush!

There is no rush. There is no rush in this world at all. Unless you want to miss out on the grace that is coming your way.

Now that everything is turning faster and faster, step back! Walk slowly and with the inner certainty that life provides for you. Strengthen your faith in God, the only reality that protects you unrestrictedly and loves you endlessly.

The human family is awakening! Stand up, strap your sandals or buckle your shoes. The path awaits you and life. I am HIM, I am HER, I am IT.

Endless divine consciousness.


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