Message from Master Kuthumi

The truth is: only condemnation pollutes your being, judgment however means freedom, and it allows you to say NO or YES.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Judging and condemning

Take the liberty and use the right to form an opinion. Do not condemn by saying: “This or that person is the devil’s advocate!”, but judge by determining whether this or that, this person or that person, should stay away from you!

It makes a difference whether you recognize what’s harmful and reject it, or whether you recognize what’s harmful and condemn it.

Stay vigilant during this time, because it is a mistake to think you are not entitled to judge – quite to the contrary: how should you discern if you don’t differentiate? How should keep harm at bay if you don’t allow yourself to speak up and say NO? How should you stay clear of harmful foreign energies if you do not recognize and consequently reject them?

All of life consists of having to make judgment calls. You decide what is good, what you accept and what you decline.

Often you have to form an opinion, get an overview and make the right judgment call in order to be capable of making a decision at all.

This means: don’t fall into the trap of “not being allowed to judge”. The truth is: only condemnation pollutes your being, judgment however means freedom, and it allows you to say NO or YES.

The energies that are currently discharging require alertness on your part. It is of little help to seek refuge in mistaken esoteric concepts.

Life demands answers of you!

You must face life, and that means making decisions, choosing paths and determining directions.

This happens by making judgment calls about this and that. Only on that basis you are able to determine your unique path.

Beloved human,

judge and decide! Leave everything else to God!

Never linger for too long when judging, because this holds the hidden danger that you are about to condemn. Once you have made your judgment call, forgiveness must follow – then you remain free and unaffected by the negative energies that are moving through space to an incredible extent, just waiting to be redeemed and released into the light.

Judge and say NO! In order to make appropriate decisions, you have to judge a situation and inspect it carefully. After that, don’t waste any more time on it. This is the path. This is love in action: the capacity of discernment, judgment and forgiveness.

Stay vigilant towards the errors of this time. Stay vigilant, because life demands answers of you on a daily basis.

With endless love,



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