Message from Babaji

Walk the path of love and compassion, stay on the path of peace and kindness, and make sure to stay this course come rain or shine.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Oh beloved human,

When you are worried, call on me.

When fears arise, call on me.

When you want to get closer to God, call on me.

Call on me whenever you can. Your worries and fears will dissolve like the mist in the morning sun. You can get closer to God with me and through me, and you will find God on your own.


Walk the path of love and compassion, stay on the path of peace and kindness, and make sure to stay this course come rain or shine.

Let love navigate you through this time, and be imperturbable when it counts. Always choose the light, the good and the beautiful, no matter how urgent it may seem to turn your back on love, or how tempting this matrix is smiling at you.

You can only ascend by piercing the illusion of this world, by seeing the light and looking behind the curtains, uncovering what this world is really made of and what really drives all of humanity.

There are forces of non-human and non-divine origin that are up to no good here on earth. They will keep playing their games till the bitter end. And what this means for you, beloved human, is: stay human till the end. Act contrarily to the expectations of this matrix and never replace love with fear. This requires diligent practice, calls for continuous work on your awareness, and takes your unconditional devotion.

Until you have completed yourself, I am the source that quenches your thirst and the storehouse that satiates you.

Babaji is with you and with all human beings. The darkness in this world will subside once you are filled with light and look at life lovingly.

There is only one way to your perfection: through the light of awareness to true love.

I am with you.


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