Message from Jesus Christ

Your light is the change and your love is the shift. Disarm the forces of darkness with the light of truth and with the strength God grants you when you chose this path.

photo credit: Andrea Percht

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Phase of biggest illusion

Don’t get discouraged! You should neither drift into worry nor get driven into fears! Now that great shifts are about to happen, there is the attempt to tie humanity to the wheel of time. Rest assured: You are never alone and you are under divine protection.


Beloved humans,

Your path through time is coming to an end. A new beginning is made and the changes go far beyond all imagination. Until then, events display an incredible dynamic, and often all seems lost for humanity because it seems like the dark forces forcefully gain power, control and influence on all areas of human life.

The phase of the biggest illusion has dawned: the illusion that humanity has no chance of escaping these dark manipulations.

Humanity awakens!

It so happens that more and more people awaken – quietly, almost unnoticeably.

More people awaken than you might assume, and even more people will awaken in the weeks and months to come.

This is a quiet process. Protected by silence, human beacons arise until they become visible to everyone.

Forces of low light are afraid of this collective awakening – they wish to continue the game on this earth according to their own rules. This is why they would do anything to keep human beings from awakening. The means they apply are global and are supposed to reach every corner on earth.

But to no avail – because the inner fire was sparked inside all human beings and it will find its way and spread around the globe.

This flame of transformation will touch anyone who is open to it and will transform everyone who is ready. From today’s point of view many of your good deeds seem in vain, and sometimes you feel like you are not getting anywhere.

Many of you believe that they are fighting against windmills – with little prospect of success and futile efforts.

Every good deed shapes the world

This is a misapprehension. The truth is, every light-induced deed outlasts this time and is an indispensable part of a new vision – the vision of the New Earth and a humanity that is peacefully united and connected by the inner band of human kindness and love.

Every good deed, every healing process, every transformational process, every insight and every step towards the light and the good, form a NEW WORLD and let the OLD one die.

None of these deeds are in vain, because even if you sometimes get that impression, be assured: it is the biggest illusion suggested to you by dark magicians only to discourage you and your fellow human beings.

So continue to be wakeful and walk your path of love and light, truth and peace courageously and unflinchingly – and the more futile you deeds and actions seem, the closer you are to the finish line. Perceive things without getting into them too deeply. Focus on the light-emitting actualities that you give birth to inside yourself – through your divine light work.

Create the kingdom in your hearts and it will spread everywhere.

This is the path more and more individuals quietly pursue, knowingly or unknowingly. This leads to a sudden collective awakening – which is tried to be prevented by all means.

The fight

This fight needs to be fought, but each side by using entirely different means. When the dark forces point their weapons at you, disarm them with the truth and with your light. Never fear certain developments, but always stay true to yourself and lead a truthful and light-induced life.

Your light is the change and your love is the shift. Disarm the forces of darkness with the light of truth and with the strength God grants you when you chose this path.

Be assured: Under God’s roof, you fulfill your purpose and all those who seek the truth find their home – and the number of those who embark on this journey is steadily increasing.

In darkness, your light shines the brightest and the transformation of humanity happens quietly. Open yourself to it and surrender – because in truth: Your rebirth unchains this world and brings you back to this world healed and enlightened.



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