Message from Atmar

The Corona virus is the wave certain powers want to ride on to implement a new world order. One thing however becomes apparent: Not enough people will be infected by the fear that is now being spread.

photo credit: JJK

Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Stay calm and relaxed!

Fear is meant to paralyze you, fear of infection is meant to incapacitate you mentally, emotionally, physiologically and psychologically. And that is ecactly what needs to be prevented now. Panic and hysteria can only reach those who are susceptible to it.

How to proceed?

Be attentive and mindful of what’s going on outside! Be vigilant and observe how people around you are affected by the propaganda of fear or remain untouched by it. You will notice that only a certain type of person – by far not all people – respond to this propaganda of fear.

Remain calm and relaxed. Continue to meditate, turn to your inner master with every question, and whenever fears arise: look at them, accept them and examine their origin and validity.

Continue your conscious transformational work and don’t get disturbed by external events.

Corona – a way to a new world order?

When governments mandate curfews, comply. Avoid open confrontation with the system. This absorbs your energy and keeps your vibration low. Say NO to all that is inacceptable. Observe the effects of this NO and realize your own strength and power. Act from the inside out. Your freedom, too, starts inside yourself.

The Corona virus is the wave certain powers want to ride on to implement a new world order. One thing however becomes apparent: Not enough people will be infected by the fear that is now being spread.

Outwardly, keep acting in an androgynous way. This means: act smart in your own environment, choose words that are appropriate.

Reveal what is going on inside of you only where there is understanding and consciousness.

Seeds can only sprout in fertile soil.  Don’t waste pearls on those who cannot see nor recognize what is precious.

JJK: Corona. Immigration crisis. Financial crisis. All at once. What else is there to come?

ATMAR: A major effort attempting to subdue mankind! This will lead to substantial upheaval and will seal the end of the forces that have been pursuing this political strategy for centuries.

Give in or change?

Now human beings have the opportunity to awaken. And many people use this opportunity, while others remain inert and unconscious. The time has come for every individual to decide.

Because you can bear and endure a lot, but every person reaches a point when they need to decide whether to continue giving in or to make substantial changes in their lives.

Each attack on the freedom of the human mind and body is the request to the individual to make a change! All change happens inside of you first!

You are love

Therefore mature, become and grow. Be yourself. You know no fear because you are love. And love is the opposite of fear. Take care of yourself and spread serenity, confidence and compassion. Face the events on earth with the peace you have come to realize internally. Continue your spiritual practice.

Help where your help is accepted, retreat where there is no understanding for it.

This is your true power: Keep to yourself and let yourself be navigated through this time by your inner master.

We are in the middle of a shift. The old goes and the new arises. There is no reason for worry or fear, because who rides the wave of fear will become victim of the fear itself.

You however rejoice. Because this is a new beginning. After a short period of transition, your longing will be satisfied.

We will meet again in the light.



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