Message from God

Beloved human, how should the Creator’s beauty reveal itself to you, and how should your life in God’s comfort be fulfilled when you are always busy doing something else?

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Everything is light!

Beloved humans,

I am amongst you. I am truly omnipresent in your life. I am omnipresent in your heart, and your everlasting eternal soul knows me.

I am with you, beloved human, now and forever.

This is the eternal constant, this is the everlasting law: God, who I am, is present in every human being and is omnipresent in every life form.

It is the divine light that creates and pervades everything. It is the divine light that feeds and nourishes you. It is the divine light that turns and sways imperfection back into perfection.

Without the divine light, nothing would exist!

Everything you perceive is in essence made of pure divine light.

Everything is pervaded by me – God, who I am. I am amongst you, and I am with you. My omnipresence and my light are a fact, just as your existence as a cosmic human being and as an immortal spiritual being are a fact.

But how come you know so little about this?

Beloved human, it’s because you haven’t given it enough attention. You say to me: “Not now, I have other things to do!” and you turn your back to me. When I call you, you don’t respond, and you don’t meet our agreement for this life.

Beloved human, how should the Creator’s beauty reveal itself to you, and how should your life in God’s comfort be fulfilled when you are always busy doing something else?

„Not now – later!“

Do you know what most people tell me when I call them, when I approach them with my light, and when I remind them of their own light? “Not now – later!”

So I can only check up on most people, instead of being able to take them into my arms in order to heal their hearts and make them strong for their missions. For eons I have been checking up on all of humanity, and only few look around or return to me and into oneness.

For that reason, new levels of experience have been created on this earth for quite a while now. It’s these events that are supposed to inspire people’s reflection and self-reflection. For that reason, for a while now, the divine light acts in a frequency previously unknown – consequently inviting you to remember who you are, where you come from and where you are going.

Awakening is remembering, and enlightenment is remembering God and fully merging into God’s light.

Being enlightened means being fully present with me, which means that you are fully aware of my presence in your heart – a path that opens up for more and more people every day. For the return of human beings to their true origin has begun, and slowly you turn around and return to me.

Every human being who is lost in time or in the loops of fate now has the opportunity for liberation. The deep inner longing, the true desire for liberation sets everything in motion. That way, huge fields of grace come into effect, because the time has passed when God allowed you to stay asleep.

What is essential in your life?

Beloved human,

remember what is essential. Rid yourself of all that is insignificant – which is everything that is neither part of your being nor your spiritual plan.

Please make an effort to find out what your life and you yourself are made of. What is essential for you? Once you have found that out, pluck up courage and let go of all that is inessential.

So many people waste way too much time on unimportant things and waste energy on insignificant situations. Have the courage to say GOODBYE to this system before it goes under. Because there’s no doubt that it is ending – the signs of this time make that evident.

Don’t wait for things to resolve themselves when they can only be handled by you. What good is it when this world is ending, but you remain unchanged because you haven’t even noticed the shift.

A prisoner stays a prisoner even when the chains have long been removed!

Do you know now what it’s about, beloved human? It’s about you – and you only! It’s about your return into the omnipresent divine light, and about ceasing to say no to God.

I love you endlessly.



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