Message from Maha Choan

When your heart opens, the world turns bright! When your soul reveals itself to you, you reap true wealth. When you are aware of your divine nature, you have turned from victim to creator – you have arrived.

photo credit: Andrea Percht


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Self-consciousness is the key to ascension

Beloved human being,

Self-confidence is gained by getting closer and closer to your eternal and true Self. Every session in divine light, each healing by the grace of God, has this one goal: to bring you closer to your Self until you are whole.

A lot will stay the same here on this earth because individuals won’t inhabit their own strength and power.

Self-consciousness is the key to ascension and the doorway into a new world beyond your imagination.

So you can never do too much healing or purification work. It is never enough, unless you have set foot upon the truth and have faced God.

With this message I animate and encourage you to keep at your unresolved issues. I affirm every decision that has to do with you finding the truth, and I protect every step you take with my coat of light.

Never give up before you have reached your goal. Anchor your tenacity in your core, and you will celebrate great success.

For any healing to happen, it takes a firm decision and one’s honest will. People whose lips say YES to healings but who internally close themselves off, won’t participate in God’s kingdom – and the kingdom of God is near, very near.

These are the people who initiate the shift!

The shift is brought about by thousands of people every day, people who genuinely care about complete healing, people who walk through the valley of tears, who get back up when they fall, and who remain confident in moments of darkness. These are the people who initiate the planetary shift – and fortunately, there are a great number of such people here on earth.

Follow this dynamic and become one of those who are ready to master any challenge in order to reach the Self and to enter the kingdom of heaven.

True masters master this time by not submitting to it, but by building a timeless natural vibration of love and light – and achieving this requires self-love.

Love that carries you on your path to healing, love that shows you the meaning of these processes, and love that reminds you of your divine Self until it can be perceived by other people in everyday life.

A journey can be tiresome for a person, but anyone who wants to reach the final destination proceeds. This applies even more to a spiritual journey.

Breaks are meant for regeneration so that you can gather new strength – in order to proceed you need rest and quiet. But avoid breaks that are so long that laziness takes over.

Currently, idleness is a huge misconduct, because great times offer great opportunities. Big goals can be achieved or missed.

So I invite you to give it your all, until you are whole and your consciousness allows you to step out of this game of time and transiency completely.

Release your issues and drama that tie you to this world like a lion to a tree. Every link of the chain represents an unresolved issue.

Strive to try everything to set yourself free, strive to give everything – and heaven will give everything to you.

Because anyone who, with a pure heart, puts everything on a tray before God, will never be empty-handed but will be compensated by the creator.

I am the officiating MAHA CHOAN
You will find me inside of you.


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→ 2020 – the highly energetic year of grace – GOD



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