Message from Toth

What is happening here on this earth today is the downfall of the dark forces and the end of the system they have created. You know it and they know it.

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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


Message about life

Dreaming your life means: remembering. Remembering your life plan, the path that you have chosen for this life. You know your missions, and you are aware of the meaning of your life. The potential, which was determined before your birth, is part of your conscious awareness. Only someone who has awakened can “dream” their life in this way.

Living your dream means: fulfilling your missions. Acting self-responsibly, being active and of service – serving yourself and creation. Anyone who lives their dream is an awakened person in action.


This message talks about life and how you can remember. And it speaks of action, once your memory has returned.

Because many of you don’t remember, and even more do remember but are paralyzed by the complex low-frequency influences that they are exposed to at this level of experience.

The downfall of the dark forces

Beloved human beings,

What is happening here on this earth today is the downfall of the dark forces and the end of the system they have created. You know it and they know it. You have a shining effect by your conscious power and strength, and the forces of darkness create the opposite energy. This is “life”, where energies and beings that personify a specific energetic quality meet and fight.

The closer the downfall, the more lashing out.

Because the fact that the era of darkness is over is also known by those who represent it, and so they oppose it even more.

Many of those entities are longing for light, salvation and liberation. Only, the temptation of power, the greedy desire to rule and dominate, is too big to resist.
So D-day will ultimately bring salvation even to those entities and human beings as well.

But where are you in this cosmic game that is happening on earth right now?

Are you someone who has already awakened and knows their missions? Are you already fulfilling them?

This awareness is of the utmost importance now, because only when you clearly and honestly determine where you are at, you can “put wind behind the arrow”, as they say.

Your holistic influence

Many people are well aware of what is going wrong in this world, but they fail to see what they can contribute to correct the wrongs or to have a positive influence on the whole. I am telling you this with all my love:

Wake up! Because you do have an effect on the whole – by dissolving everything that clouds your vision of the sky.

These clouds represent your inner blockades, your concepts and dogmas – which is what you need to dissolve now. That’s how you as an individual, and only you, can exert great influence on the whole. And each dissolving cloud opens the view to the sky for other people as well.

Through the cosmic energy field of all life, everything is interconnected. On different levels, on different planes, but everything is connected.

For that reason, the smallest has an effect on the biggest, and a single decision has an effect on all human beings.

The inner process of clarification, no matter if you are already living your missions or this still lies ahead of you, is the alpha and omega in the transformational process of mankind.

Bring light into all your affairs, be courageous when you look at your own errors, and you will be able to respond to other people’s errors with wisdom.

The shadow or the darkness in those around you or in the world only scares you as long as you are unaware of your own shadow and your own darkness.

This world is about to change profoundly. And more and more people realize that it is a necessity to start this change within. Therein lies an awe-inspiring dynamic.

What is still lacking

What is still lacking: too many people don’t dare to live their missions openly!

Too many people still hide their own light under a bushel. Old unconscious and unresolved fears from many lifetimes still have a negative effect – many people are paralyzed.

Are you someone who “would like to” but “can’t”? Then I invite you now to express your readiness, and you and me will find a way to dissolve these blockades in the upcoming days.


What matters now is action and active, fearless, shining human beings. Because those who are still asleep need the wake-up call just as much as those who can’t get active and avoid action because they are afraid of imaginary consequences.

Every cloud that dissolves opens up another piece of the whole sky.

And it is this “whole” that any healing work in your heart, as small and insignificant as it may seem, is about.

Live your dream by opening yourself fully to life! By welcoming all change. There is no reason for hindrance, no impossible age. You are free, endless and immortal consciousness – you are a free, endless and immortal spirit. Based on this and coming from this place of power, you constantly create reality and actuality.

Whether you are 10 or 200 years old, what does it matter? It is insignificant. Whether you are old or young is up to you, to your flexible or inflexible mind.

Therefore, beloved human being, everything is possible at all times.

That’s why there are 20-year-olds who turn senile and 100-year-olds whose minds have been left untouched by time.

There are no excuses

Beloved human being, There is not a single excuse for an idle or unfulfilled life that weighs on the scale of the creator.

Therefore, increase your efforts to live your life – with love and inner peace. Your dreams are calling you and reminding you that it is your life that wants to be dreamt.

Humanity awakens with or without you! More and more people rid themselves of their inhibitions and rise up into the light. They themselves want to be a shining light and a bringer of light for others.

Join them and wake up, and don’t ever get fooled, because the only truth is: you are a limitless ethereal being.

Live and act accordingly – when you are awake and when you are dreaming.

I love you endlessly.

I am your brother from the divine light and His glory.



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