Message from Maha Choan


Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
English edition by crystalflow translations


photo credit: Andrea Percht


Where are you?

Beloved human family, beloved human being who has come here today to receive heaven’s light and our loving embrace.

I am with you and amongst you with a big entourage!

The time of multiple and unique opportunities for your spiritual growth has come. Every day smilingly presents you with a new opportunity, and life looks at you asking “Where are you?”

• Where are you, beloved human being, now that you can counteract the daily discharges with your light and your loving truth?

• Where are you, now that it is all up to you?  Because neither idleness nor getting scared stiff are the appropriate responses to what life is offering to you and asking of you.

• Where are you when your clear attitude and opposition to the dark agenda is called for? Where is your light and where is your love?

I have come to you today to encourage you and to reaffirm your inner knowledge that you can change everything as soon as you change yourself.

Where are you? This question shouldn’t keep us busy any longer, because anyone who has found themselves can’t get lost anymore – and this process of “finding-your-Self” needs to be promoted until it is ensured that you can lead your life on your own authority. For this is all that matters now since manipulation can impact you from all sides.

So, what do you need in order to develop a self-aware and self-responsible life?

Clarity in thought, words and actions

1.) A clear mind.

2.) Truthful words.

3.) Action that is intended to benefit everyone’s wellbeing.

A clear mind means being able to think clearly.

You can achieve this by ridding yourself daily from thoughts that are not yours. Stillness and meditation, as well as working with the divine light, are highly recommended. Distinguish between your own thoughts and those of others – and remove every thought that doesn’t vibe with love or is not truthful.

Truthful words are the logical consequence. Because someone who thinks clearly, who thinks their own thoughts, who is self-aware, will always utter words full of awareness and truthfulness.

You see, the origin of words that are authentic and full of light is in your thoughts and also in your connectedness to the divine.

And this entails thirdly that your actions always consider the whole, your fellow human beings and your environment. There will be no more room in your life for unhealthy egoism.

You yourself are responsible for this clarity.

You yourself are responsible for becoming clear on all levels so that the many disruptive interferences of this time cannot have any negative effect on you.

You stay centered and connected to God, when you are aware of this responsibility.

You will receive help and support from you celestial family of light whenever you as a human being on earth give clear signals that indicate that this help is wanted. Paying lip service is not enough; however, an inner longing, a deep desire for truth, clarity, light and love, are the signals that bring immediate reaction.

It is about you!

What this transmission is about – is YOU!

Only YOU can connect to God and to yourself. Consequently, only YOU can touch your environment in a positive way with your being, and thereby enable the initiation of spiritual awakening in others.

Let the rock dance over the water and be amazed about the amount of circles this rock creates.

Everything you move within you will move others along with you, everything you heal within you will heal others around you – and you alone are responsible for it. This responsibility can neither be delegated nor ignored.

So I invite you to take responsibility for your life now! Heal, become whole and look forward to the new age with joy.

Everything starts in you and resides in you.

If you inhabit your core, you will find everything, and heaven knows where to find you too.

Your inner return home can be achieved through the dedication to your transformation and your dedication to God. This is the master path of a human being on earth.

Walk this path, because that is where we are waiting for you. By walking this path, step by step, you are walking towards life and great miracles.

Be assured, wherever you are: We love you endlessly.



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